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Good Songs To Choreograph too?

i love to dance and i want to choreograph dances but i cant find any good songs. i want to do a routine for either hip hop, ballet, lyrical, or jass. thx :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    Since you want a bunch of different styles I'll give a few of each, if you want more email me.


    Pink Floyd--- Summer ’68, Coming back to life, Lost for words, Great day for freedom, San Tropez

    High hopes, Lucifer Sam

    Billy Joel—Only the good die young, We didn’t start the fire, Uptown girl, River of dreams

    David Hasselhoff--Queen of the rain, Try a little tenderness, Dark Side of my heart, Crazy on a Saturday night, Until the last teardrop falls

    Evanescence--Bring me to life, Lose control, The only one, Breathe no more, Even in death ,Going under, Everybody’s fool, Sweet sacrifice, Call me when you’re sober, sick

    Sarah Brightman—Fly, When it rains in America, Rain, How can heaven love me, You take my breath away, It’s a beautiful day, Arabian nights, Harem, I lost my heart to a starship trooper (hot gossip)

    Paula Abdul- Vibeology, Cold Hearted Snake, Straight up, to you, the way that you love me

    Miami Sound Machine- Dr. beat, Conga, Primitive love, prisoner of love, rhythm is gonna get ya, 1-2-3, movies

    Rob Zombie—Dragula, Spookshow baby, Phantom Stranger

    Enigma --Gravity of love, Silence must be heard, Principles of lust, Sadness

    Meatloaf—If this is the last kiss, everything louder than everything else, bat out of hell, rock & roll dreams come true, You took the words right out of my mouth, not a dry eye in the house, los angeloser

    Charlotte Church—Don’t think about it, moodswings, dream a dream (Elysium), call my name, crazy chick

    Music that you can dance to-The Sparks (Rad)

    Send me an angel—Real Life (Rad)

    Thunder in your heart—John Farnham (Rad)

    Get Strange—Hubert Kah (Rad)

    Loved by the sun—Tangerine Dream (Legend)

    Is your love strong enough—Tangerine Dream (Legend)

    She’s like the wind—Patrick Swayze (dirty Dancing)

    Tonight is what it means to be young—Fire Inc (Streets of fire)

    Love is in the air—John Paul Young (Strictly Ballroom)

    Hip Hop/Breakdance

    Beastie Boys--Remote Control, Super disco Breakin, Sabotage, Intergalatic, Brass Monkey

    Eminem-- Daddy’s gone crazy, Lose Yourself, Will the real slim shady, Won’t back down, I’m not afraid, Cinderella Man, Love the way you lie, Almost Famous

    C&C Music Factory, I got the power, Pump up the volume, Gonna make you sweat, rock & roll

    TLC-- No Scrubs, Waterfalls

    Will Smith—Summertime, Wild Wild west, Men in black, parents just don’t understand

    Afrika Bambaataa-- Planet Rock, Breaker’s revenge

    Britney Spears—Womanizer, Gasoline, 3

    Outkast --Ms. Jackson, Polaroid, bombs over Baghdad

    Technotronic-- This beat is technotronic, Move this

    Kraftwerk-Tour De France, robots

    Flo Rida – Low, elevator

    Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock—Joy & Pain, It Takes two

    Freestyle—Don’t Stop the rock, It’s AuToMaTic

    Hashim—We’re rocking the planet

    It’s tricky—Run Dmc

    Now you see it now you don’t—Pitbull

    Bleeding love—Leona Lewis

    Patron Tequila—Paradiso Girls

    Gravel Pit—Wu tang Clan

    Wild thing—Tone Loc


    Evanescence --Lithium , Hello, Like you, Lacrymosa, Good enough, Missing, Fields of innocence, The last song I wasting on you, You, Exodus, Breathe no more, Eternal, Demise, Ascension of the spirit, Give unto me, Forgive me, lost in paradise

    Pink Floyd—Marooned, Terminal frost, Echoes, Interstellar Overdrive, One of these day, Run like hell

    On the turning away, Absolutely Curtains, Mudmen, Obscured by clouds, Dogs, A great day for freedom, High Hopes, Great Gig in the Sky, Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

    David Hasselhoff--Until the last teardrop falls, If I could only say goodbye, These Loving eyes, A star looks down tonight, White Bird

    Meatloaf—Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are, heaven can wait, Not a dry eye, Lost boys and golden girls, for crying out loud

    Charlotte Church—All the little horses, unraveling, even God, Dream a dream (Elysium)

    from the movie Legend--The unicorn theme, The Cottage, Darkness , The Dance, the fairies

    from the movie Dracula--Love eternal, Love remembered, The storm, Lucy’s party, Love Song for a vampire by Annie Lennox

    from the movie Dragonheart -World of your heart, Flight to Avalon, Draco, to the stars, main theme

    from the movie Ladyhawke--main theme, She was sad at first, Phillippe describes Isabeau

    from the movie the Princess Bride-- The cliffs of insanity, I will never love again, The fireswamp & rodent of unusual size, Storybook Love—Willy Deville

    Sarah Brightman—Symphony, Fleurs du mal, Free, Deliver me, Rain, This love, Captain Nemo, Meadowlark, How can heaven love me, Tu quieres volver, You take my breath away, Desert Rose, When Firebirds cry, Beautiful, I will be with you (duet with Paul Stanley)

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  • Ann
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    4 years ago

    It's hard to fine clean up beat modern hip hop songs. I would go with club songs, by the Baltimore Club. They have fast paced songs with hip hop beats.

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  • 8 years ago

    Fro m my personal experience where have you been by rihanna is a very fun one to dance and my gymnastics team did that one

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