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Nice, safe, affordable, decent apartments for rent in or around the Baltimore area?

So, I’m relocating to Baltimore for a police job offer. I am out of state and don't know much of anything in regards to the Baltimore area. I was wondering what are some good apartments for rent? I want the drive to be cut down to AT-LEAST 25mins or less from the city.

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    Within a year you will want to relocate or transfer to Baltimore County Police department. The Baltimore city crime and budget is crazy anyway We have a lot of apartment complex in the city and throughout the MD state that offer discounts to Baltimore City police officers also we have programs that offer discounts to the Police officers and etc... towards home ownership and apartment rental. A lot to name.

    Bowling Brook Apartments (Laurel HoCo side) offer 10%.

    The Westwinds (apartments) in Frederick takes care of LEO's.

    (301) 662-6700

    Route 40 at Hillcrest Drive.

    You can call the 1800 number or the number that is listed on their website and obtain more information and contact the baltimore city office which can be found on this website but its alot of places to name....

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    decrease priced and Bay area do no longer go jointly. It relies upon on how plenty is your budget. A 1BR/1BA place of residing in SF for 2500 in step with month in SF is decrease priced! LOL. i think of you shoul go from side to side.. each and every physique does. Like different answerers Livermore and Pleasanton are stable places. they're kinda of high priced too nonetheless. Modesto is a stable city, approximately an a million and a 0.5 removed from SF without site visitors, 2-3 with. East Bay has some effective places different than Oakland. The penninsula interior the Bay area is the suitable place to stay San Matero, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Atherton, yet lower back high priced. San Jose is a large city and residing is especially decrease priced, housing and lease are not too up there the two. There are those residences spoke of as Avalon Rosewalk in San Jose (look on internet) in a effective area close to to freeways and downtown, all centers pool, gymnasium ,and so on. you will get a 1400 squarefeet 3 BR/B Ba for $2300 in step with month, thats especially decrease priced.

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    Nice, safe, affordable and decent? If you defined what that means to you it would get you far better answers. If you have the police department job why not ask your fellow officers for advice. It is a great way to build trust and comeradery since you are the new guy.

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    I think these ones on the website seem good for what your looking for.

    However they are shot-term apartments. They could be handy for you to stay in one until you find any others better.

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