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As a Giants fan, is it bad that I hate the Pirates?

I'm pretty new to baseball and have latched onto the Giants after my cousin took me to a game when I visited him in SF. I've been following them die hard this season, especially on the interwebs because Giants baseball on Canadian television networks simply does not exist. A lot of bloggers and people who comment on Giants blog - specifically McCovey Chronicles - seem to like the Pirates and always say that should the Giants not make it, they will be cheering for the Pirates. Thing is, I kinda hate the Pirates right now since the Giants are 1st in the NL West and the Pirates are 2nd in Central and yet they have a better record than us. I know it's stupid, but I just felt like I should know this kinda stuff?


"I kinda hate the Pirates RIGHT NOW since the....."

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    How can you hate on the Pittsburgh Pirates? Seriously? The Pittsburgh Pirates? They have sucked for the past 19 years.......they haven't had a WINNING SEASON since 1992. Just think.......a 25 year old Pirates fan would have NO MEMORY of a single winning season in his entire lifetime. Not playoffs.....a winning season.

    No one should hate the Pirates. You can root against them because they might steal a playoff spot, but don't hate them. Hating the Pirates is like hating cute are just a bad human if you do.

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    i replaced into never a Bonds fan. I went to video show him play against the Astros while he performed for the Pirates. i replaced into youthful and that i enjoyed the interest of baseball. I had continuously been taught to play in reality, and that i observed Bonds in Left field throwing his glove interior the air for the duration of the middle of a pitch. i began out my years of dislike approximately him precise then and there. i won't be able to stand how he walks from homestead to first and not even tries to break up a double play. I hate watching him watch a undesirable ball land in a community the place he would have caught it. And please do no longer supply me the crap approximately him getting previous. If he's only too rattling previous to expire a floor ball or chase down a fly ball, then why the hell is he enjoying the interest? I firmly have self assurance he has single handedly ruined the great interest of baseball. As for his documents, they do belong to him. We DO stay in united statesa., the place all human beings is harmless till shown accountable. He hasn't been shown of something, so for now, the documents are his. I even have continuously stated that he has magnificent skills, yet i in my view do no longer in basic terms like the way he performs the interest, and that i won't be able to wait till the day the place i'm able to watch an hour long Sportscenter and not pay attention the call Barry Bonds.

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    Its not bad that you hate them, but your reason is kinda stupid. Like, as a fan of a team, you can hate any teams you want, and there's really no such thing as a "secondary team" that all fans of one team like, so its not bad to hate them. Like, I'm a Dodgers fan, so I hate your Giants more than any other team in any sport, just like I'd expect you to hate us, but there's no team out there I'd expect all other Dodger fans to root for if we don't make it. I'd probably go for the Pirates or Nationals just because they've sucked for so long, moreso the Pirates because the Nationals have a brighter future, so why not give the Pirates a chance.

    As for your reasons for hating them, its kinda stupid cuz, why hate a team just because they have a better record than you? As it stands now, you'd have a higher playoff seeding even with a worse record by being a division winner. Win a couple games and they lose a couple games, then your reason for hating them is gone. When it comes to hating a team, whatever your reasons are, should be something that will stick and always be there. Like, my hatred for your Giants has nothing to do with your record. You could be last place in the division, completely suck and be no competition and I'd hate them just the same.

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    It is not bad. It is your decision and others should not tell you what to do about this.

    I for one though, don't hate any team or any player in MLB. I like my team and I am a fan of them but I don't dislike other teams either.

    I don't like certain fans because they say mean things but in general, I respect their opinion and try to accept their love for their team and understand it.

    I think that the right mindset as a sport fan.

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    Your reasoning is a bit weird, but hey, it's your personal taste. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. Personally, I don't care about them, but it would be cool if they made it to the playoffs, since they haven't had a playoff berth in 20 or so years.

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    Like everybody said it's your choice unusual reasoning though

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    no its not

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