American Civil war hospital?

I have a history question when private residences were commandeered to be made into field hospitals where did the actual owners/occupants go for the time, and were they able to get there house back afterwards - thanks

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  • tuffy
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    8 years ago
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    My great, great grandfathers house was used as a Union field hospital during the battle of Gettysburg. It is the Jacob Weikert house and it is still there. The family stayed in the home during the battle. If you google up the Gettysburg Times, just ask to see the Jacob Weikert farm.

  • 8 years ago

    In the days of the civil war and for many wars later, this was normal. Yes the owners if still alive would be entitled to return to there homes after the conflict. Private homes where considered safer and more hygienic than the standard tent was. Also, many hospitals where no larger than a four bedroom housed in country area's, so during the civil war, a house would also be considered a luxury.

  • Jay
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    8 years ago

    Houses were commanderred because they were close to the battlefields and therefore were useful. Often they had barns attached and supplies of water and were connected to roads (such as they existed) allowing wounded soldiers to be brought in and evacuated etc. Where did the owners go - they left it was not the responsibility or the concern of either army where they went although they were allowed to return and pretty much had to patch up their houses and farms at their expense. If their house was still standing it was a bonus.

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