Anyone know this book Seires?

The series is about a knight that saves a thief from being hanged and they go on adventures together. in oreder to continue doing good across the land the knight must be branded and cast out from society. he is tattoo with magic ink that show he is bellow the law and anything can be done to him without reprimand. the knight and thief become close friends in their travels.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Is it the Knight and Rogue series by Hilari Bell ?

    "Sir Michael Sevenson and his squire, Fisk, can't seem to keep out of hot water. After five long years, Fisk has been called home to Ruesport to investigate who framed his sister Anna's husband, Max, as a blackmailer. Anna figures that Fisk, with his criminal past, is uniquely qualified to find out who set Max up. Of course Michael feels he has to come along to help his friend; but now he wears the tattoos of the unredeemed and fears he might be more hindrance than help."

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  • Um I have no idea :D but try typing the description into google :)

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