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songs about this guy?

so i met this guy a few months a go and hes amazing to me in everyway. we got super close really fast and we became best friends who talk about seriously everything. we mean alot to each other and talk about how we will always be there for one another. he recently went thru a bad time with this girl he loved and so hes not ready for a relationship or anything. i was there for him thru all of it, i listened to him talk about her and always gave him advice. i really really like him and he knows this and i tell him and he told me he has feelings for me but that he cant give me more than a friendship right now because hes going through alot lately which i understand. we have a connection and i want him to understand that i would do anything to be with him and wait for him and wanna give his heart a im aware thats a song :)

so any song suggestions to describe how i feel to him.. like a song that i could be like "this song reminds me of how i feel" preferebly not rock or oldies..alternative/country/pop mostly would be good. but anything really :) thanks

and not like really obssessive "i love you!" lol..more towards ur my best friend i wish u could see me as more

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    Clay Walker - 'Fall'

    Tracy Lawrence - 'Find Out Who Your Friends Are'

    Van Zant - 'Help Somebody'

    George Strait - 'You'll Be There'

    Tim McGraw - 'Live Like You Were Dying'

    Diamond Rio - 'Meet In The Middle'

    LeeAnn Womack - 'I Hope You Dance'

    Rascal Flatts - 'My Wish'

    Bon Jovi (Feat. Jennifer Nettles) - 'Who Says You Can't Go Home'

    Garth Brooks - 'Friends in Low Places'

    Tracy Lawrence - 'Find Out Who Your Friends Are'

    Carol King - 'You've Got a Friend'

    Songs for Best Friends Moving Away

    Geoff Moore - 'A friend like you'

    LaRue - Always Be


    Elvis Presley - Let Me Be There

    Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) - True Friend

    Everything but the Girl - Old Friend

    Beth Fox - You will Always be My Friend

    Geoff Moore - A Friend Like You

    Raze - Always And Forever

    Brandy - Best Friend

    SCLUB 7 - Best Friend

    Bette Midler - Friends

    Queen - Friends Will be Friends

    Squirrel Nut Zippers - Meant to Be

    Everything But the Girl - Old Friends

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