What exactly is the Employment Insurance Letter required for OSAP and how do I get one?

"A letter from Employment Insurance describing the costs that are being funded (e.g., tuition fees, books and supplies, living costs, transportation, and/or child care)."

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    9 years ago
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    You need to call Service Canada and ask them for the letter. They will send out a letter outlining all of the expenses you are receiving EI for. Just a warning though, I called at the end of May and have kept calling weekly to stay on top of things and have yet to receive my letter.

  • 9 years ago

    They want to know if you are being funded by EI as well as getting OSAP. So if you are getting Second Career funding to attend school, they want a copy of your contract indicating how much Second Career is paying for. If you are on EI now, you will be cut off your EI benefits once you start school unless you have their permission to attend school. So if you report to them that you are going to start school (and give the date) you will get a letter from EI saying that as of whatever date you will be cut off. That is the letter that you need.

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