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Why is the Penn State football team getting punished for Jerry Sandusky's actions?

Jerry Sandusky sexually abused all these minors, but why should the football team be fined $60 million, and banned from bowl games, if the players have nothing to do with it?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I think the NCAA president is taking it a little too far. But at the same time the university has to be penalized. The athletic director and Joe Paterno and others at Penn State knew about at least 2 incidences. The first incident they knew about was dropped for lack of evidence by the police. When they found out about a second incident, according the Frees report, they considered contacting child welfare, but the university never did. They just recommended that Sandusky receive counseling and that he not be able to bring kids into the building where the shower incident occurred. And Sandusky still had access to university facilities even though he was officially "retired" but still working for the university. They decided not to contact child welfare services after contacting Joe Paterno according to the Frees report.

    That is where the whole thing went wrong I think. They should have contacted child services so that the incident was officially investigated. Paterno, the athletic director and others at Penn State all knew and covered it up by not reporting it properly.

    The first incident can be excused because the police stated there was not enough evidence. The second, they knew there was a prior incident and they should have reported it to child services. I think they were looking at it from a standpoint of being nice to a long time friend rather than potentially involving a full investigation and possibly criminal proceedings. It was sort of like a slap on the wrist and them saying "don't do it again and get us in trouble." But he did do it again and again.

    To an extent the $60 million fine and being inelligible for bowls and cutting the wins for the team for basically the last 25 years will probably hurt them worse than if they'd just killed the football program for an entire season. They need to definitely penalize/fire the people directly involved. But the degree to which the NCAA president is going is over-reaching and will hurt the university's other sports programs, their research programs, the tuition fees of every Penn State student, while also hurting the sports programs and research programs of every other Big 10 university, because much of the income that the conference makes is spread around all of the schools. And is used to fund the other sports programs and research programs such as research for cancer, AIDS, MS, etc.

    I find it ridiculous for example that Jerry Sandusky still gets his university pension, yet Penn State University pays out $60 million in NCAA fines. To me, if Penn State gets fined that much, Sandusky's pension should be taken away since he was the root cause of this whole mess. I don't see why the NCAA president couldn't do something like that to those involved, like they lose their job and pension, etc.

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  • 4 years ago

    Why does their religion make a difference here? U think catholics don't find their practices bad? They did what pontious pilate did to christ. That's not right. Yes, I know what the catholic church is doing. I don't stand for it, but I do understand it. It's a necessary evil. The church is in short supply of clergy, so they excuse what the re mainlyclergy members do. Because the supply is short, but the demand is great. Even if they are catholic, I ddon'tthink they did what they did because of the no judging thing either. Joe Paterno did what he did to keep his hands clean(he did follow pprotocol, and, he also knew, if he did the right, moral thing(as he preaches to his players), he would've lost a good assistant coach. So, he...took one for the team. Jerry Sandusky? Well....I think he got off by victimizing the helpless. Much like abusive spouses n parents do. When it's adults n kids, it's not solely about sex, it's deeper, it's more about control and obedience. He's been doing this for seven years, so all the kids before, just endured for the love of the team, for the love of a guy who took kids off the streets n provided a home for them, etc. I'm glad someone came fwd, finally...and it' sad that so many put footfall ahead of kids' safety. But as u saw MANY students rioting outside paterno's home because they're angry he got fired, then u also know the power of the game, and the charisma of a good coach who would go all the way for his team(and a good paycheck), but only went half way...for some poor defenseless kids. Religion ddoesn'tplay a role in this. Plus, if u really wanted to know this, u would've googled it or something, instead, u ask that sort of q here, so what did U really want to know? their religion, or their motive for covering up mmalice Preachers of many other denominations n faiths do this too, but the catholics have always come under fire, so u pick on what's easy.

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  • All those players can transfer without waiting out a season. They do not have the "right" to play college level football, it is a privilage. Penn State lost their privilage to have this program by being accessories to the raping of children. To me, the whole program should be scrapped forever. The players will not be scared for life by not playing football for Penn State, they will be fine, but you cannot say the same for the victims, of which there are plenty more than who came forward. Sandusky didn't just become a pedophile in 1998, he's been one forever.

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  • Will
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    The coaching staff (ESPECIALLY Paterno) assisted Sandusky in finding victims, so the institution has to pay. The players are free to go play for another school without penalty, so claiming that they are being punished is a joke.

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  • Par 4
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    8 years ago

    Anything the Penn State officials can do to put the blame on anyone else. They would rather put it all on a dead guy and his former team then accept responsibility for themselves.

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