why are there so many kurds living in south America and Greece?

im interested in this lol. was there something to do with colonization,ottoman empire is what i heard of but im not entirley sure so why are there Kurdish people in south america greece Germany etc? ThanksInAdvance

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  • 8 years ago
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    Kurds are, like Greeks were, ethnicities the Turks decided they want nothing to do with. In their effort to clear their country of them they went to great extremes.

    It is a fact that Kurds being a proud people fought back and that action was and still is considered as terrorism and under that pretext they were harshly persecuted. Kurds in their effort to save their lives fled to many countries, Greece included. Greeks having had the same treatment before them, are strongly connected to that fate and that is why there is a large number of them in Greece.

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