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How to sneak pills on an airplane?

I'm going on a trip with my parents and I need to know how to sneak pills on an airplane. I have prescribed ritalin that my mom's taking on her carry on. I also take melatonin to sleep. But the pills I need to sneak are adderall and xanax, maybe 4 of each. If I put them in the melatonin bottle and put it in my carry on will they search there? My parents don't know I take the adderall and xanax so I can't put them in my prescribed ritalin bottle.

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    I'm guessing a doctor did not prescribe the xanax or adderall to you? Please don't bring illegal drugs on an airplane, and by illegal I mean drugs that weren't prescribed for you. TSA knows what to look for and can look at any bottle in your luggage or on your person, If you have a mess of different pills, they could call the police, especially if you are a minor. And trust me, they know what xanax and adderall pills look like as they are heavily abused drugs.

    Also, even though you may have taken these drugs before, you never know how they will affect you in an airplane cabin pressurized to 8,000 feet above sea level. It will intensify the affects of drugs and alcohol. Most people who are arrested for behavioral issues on planes have substances in their bodies such as drugs and alcohol. I've seen it a few times with people who have a valid prescription (usually a xanax type drug). They pass out, can't be awoken and now we have a medical emergency and have to land to take the passenger to a local hospital. This could really ruin your vacation and not to mention the trouble you will be in with your parents if you are caught. Just enjoy your vacation without the drugs.

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    Please don't ever do that. I'm pretty sure it's illegal and it obviously not something you can do if you have to "sneak" it. You will get caught and you will get in trouble. They do search your carry on because you have to put everything your bringing on the plane through the scanner at security.

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    put a gum rapper on them and tape individually to a toe. and have on lack socks.

    EDIT* black socks.

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    Maybe you shouldn't take any at all.

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    stop taking those horrible pills, they will kill you.

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