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Tips for a Undersized PF in basketball?

I'm 5 foot 8 and I weigh 137 pounds, and I play on an AAU team at the high school level.

No matter how many times I ask, my coach will not play me as a guard, even though my ball handling is that of my other teammates playing at the guard spot, and my ability as a power forward is limited due to my lack of size, weight, and skill in the post.

I'm unathletic and my ball security in the post is much worse than my ball security facing up.

I need tips on what I can do to improve my athleticism geared towards my position, and tips/tricks/moves I can use to beat my taller, heavier defenders while posting up.


And on a side note, I'd like to know if I can start lifting weights at my age? My father is a doctor and he does not recommend it because it stunts muscle growth, but I want a second opinion.

Update 2:

If possible, I would like links to websites or specific excercises highlighting things that can improve my play. Thanks

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    bro if ur 5'8 playing PF at highschool level thats just not reasonable. you should be a 2 guard if your in 9th or 10th grade. Dude if you need muscle try doing this thing called dunknow. it will get you quick and jump higher but it takes 6 months to dunk if you can touch the net. Its worth it. For just general fitness and above average strength then just do insanity. Doesnt need any weights and only 60 days. The doctor you go to is telling you a bunch of bs. if your in highschool and you DONT work out and play highschool basketball? you'll get bullied in the post man. Look at all the top highschool prospects on youtube. Ballislife and hoopmixtape, all those kids are like above 6 foot and 6'9 and all are buff. so dont believe that stunt growth. Good luck man

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    Gotta be able to bulk up and use your body more with less height. Charles Barkley was a great example of a PF who was like 6-4, Larry Johnson was another. You also need to work on your leaping ability and timing!

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    Beef up and get bigger and work on your footwork no matter your size if your doing your work in the post and have the right footwork you can get the bucket watch videos of andrew nicholson to see examples.


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    Try to go in front of them and box-out the second the ball is in the air. flop if they push you so you will get the charge. rely on your offence like Barkley did and he was STILL a great 6'6 rebounder. use your smarts. NOT your strength. i'm a great rebounder and i'm 5'8-5'9

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    Yea i lift weights and get ur hops up, u need get u muscle built up if ur undersized

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