Do I need to file for legal separation?

Okay so I left my husband about 6/7 weeks ago. Moved back in with my mother(I'm 19) and Social Services has been calling me(I have state insurance right now bc I'm pregnant) and the lady keeps saying she's needs proof we're separated.

So I said I would file for legal separation..only I searched it on the maryland courts website and it says : You do not need to file papers in Maryland in order to be “legally separated.” In order to establish that you are separated for the purposes of obtaining a divorce, you must:

Not reside under the same roof, and

Not engage in sexual intercourse with your spouse for the entire period of the separation through the date the divorce is granted.

So do I still need to go to the courthouse to file? I'm confused..And she needs proof by friday or else I have no insurance(And I have an appt on Friday)...So what do I do?? How do I prove we're separated?? And Do I need to file for divorce or separation?? Help!! Thanks! *Only helpful answers please, no rude/mean comments*


I tried but she never answered when I called back and I've called back four times trying to talk to her! I've left her tons of messages but when she calls(we always miss each others calls) she says she never got a reply back...

3 Answers

  • 3 years ago

    interior the state of california, you're able to desire to be legally seperated for a year in the past you will get divorced. despite the fact that, i heavily doubt their marriage replaced into even actual besides, its occupied with television and exposure

  • 7 years ago

    Did you ask her what the state says is acceptable proof?

  • 7 years ago

    yes, you need that for court and so on for proof that you are getting a divorce

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