Which of these startup items can I disable?

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My computer takes a long time to boot and log into my account so I would like to know which of these startup items I can disable. Intel(R) Common User Interface in ...show more
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  • Tony answered 2 years ago
From the list you posted, I would not recommend disabling any, as most are related to hardware devices. In any case I would also not disable the avast program, because the earlier the AV software is loaded, the safer your system is!
But there are other ways to speed up your computer startup, check all startup items, including the services.


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Thanks! I'll be checking the services soon!
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  • bling dout answered 2 years ago
    well i know the beta windows 8 tells you exactly how long each item slows down startup times by, but offhand i would say avast. any virus software at startup is going to hog hge amounts of resources and slow everythingt to a crawl. remember, disabling it at startup does not mean getting rid of it or turning it off. most people never even understand that much. good luck! you could also google each item, should help.
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