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Im confused, how was the pope chosen to be the pope?

How was the pope chosen to be the pope? Is this working off the thought that all people such as priests and such are chosen by god? Is this why he's the pope? Im very confused, help would be appreciated.

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    Just like God inspired human beings to write the documents that would become the Bible and God inspired human beings to choose the correct documents to be included in the Bible, God inspires human beings to properly select the Pope.

    God selects a new Pope through a Papal Conclave which works like this:

    • A pope dies and is buried

    • The cardinals come to Rome for the conclave that will elect the new pope. The word conclave (Latin, *** • clavis, literally, "locked with the key") designates:

    . • The place in a locked section of the Vatican where the cardinals under the age of eighty elect a new pope.

    . • The actual gathering of the cardinals.

    • The conclave begins 15 to 20 days after the pope's death.

    • The cardinals pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit during a Mass

    • The cardinals, sealed in the Sistine Chapel, vote every morning and afternoon.

    • A two-thirds majority plus one is required for election for the first 30 ballots. After that, a simple majority is required.

    • After each vote, they burn the ballots and add special chemicals to make the smoke white or black.

    . • Black smoke means no new pope yet.

    . • White smoke announces the election of a new pope.

    • The cardinals may elect any baptized male they wish. There have been occasions in the past where they have elected a layman. After their election, the layman has to be ordained priest and bishop.

    • They ask the one elected if he accepts. The moment he accepts, he is pope.

    • The pope chooses his “Papal” name.

    • Then the new pope is announced to the world.

    For more information, see:

    With love in Christ.

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    1) Im confused, how was the pope chosen to be the pope?

    The "College of Cardinals" gathered together and voted.

    2) Is this working off the thought that all people such as priests and such are chosen by god?

    Yes - of course. Roman Catholics - including the Cardinals who voted - believe that God was guiding their selection of Pope.

    Of course, some others will believe that the Cardinals chose who they wanted and that God had nothing to do with the choice.

    Either way, it's a religious belief that cannot be proved.

    - Jim,

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    Well in the early Church the Popes were elected by their peers just like in the Book of Acts how the Apostles chosen St. Matthias to replace Judas Iscariot, so when a Pope (Bishop of Rome) died the other Priests and Bishops would elect a new Pope. And for a while this was the case until latter on even lay men could partake in electing the next Pope such as Emperors. The only requirement back then was that the individual whom was elected had to be a Ordained Priest or Bishop. Eventually it was only Bishops could elect the next Pope, and then a specific group of Bishops whom were Cardinals. A Cardinal is an administrative assistant (secretary) to the Pope, in earlier times lay men, Deacons, Priests, or Bishops could be Cardinals but over time only Priests and Bishops could been Cardinals, and eventually in the Western Church only Bishops could be Cardinals. And there were limitations placed upon the number of Cardinals a Pope could have working for him, and then limitations upon the age in which a Cardinal had to be to qualify for being elected as Pope. Now when the current Pope dies these Cardinals that qualify to be elected as the next Pope gather together in a conclave to elect one of them as Pope.

    The Pope is elected by a conclave of Cardinals, however the Pope is chosen by God.

    Now in history there were Antipopes that opposed the legitament elected Pope. Basically Antipopes were elected either by lay men or by Priests and Bishops (Cardinals) which schism from the Catholic Church. The Priest or Bishop elected was considered by these schism factions as being the succesor of St. Peter, but you can't have two Popes whom are the leader of the entire Church at one time. The result would be war and these factions which were defeated always by the legitament succesor of St. Peter they would be exiled. These were over political uprisings not over religious uprisings, by all accounts these factions which were in schism were Catholics.

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    As many others have previously stated, the pope is elected by the curia formed from the college of cardinal. It is interesting to note that the pope does not have to be a former cardinal himself, just a member of the church who is extraordinary pious and dedicated fully to the teachings of christ. Early popes were normally proclaimed, either by themselves because of their political or military power, such as constantine, or by another head of state. To learn more, google "election of popes". You'll find lots of information. Good Luck!

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    The College of Cardinals elects the Pope by a ballot. It is believed that the Holy Spirit guides the ballot just as it guided the lots drawn by the Apostles to choose replacements. The Pope is, therefore, the candidate chosen by god. You don't have to believe it but Catholics do.

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    The pope is chosen through a democratic processes within the College of Cardinals (also known as the Curia) within the Catholic Church. In almost all the modern cases, the pope was first a cardinal and is chosen from their ranks. He is the 'first among equals' of the 'princes' of the Catholic hierarchy.

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    As mentioned by EP, it was a vote of the College of Cardinals at the Vatican.

    The election of the Pope has a lot more to do with politics than religion.

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    There is a rank system like the military in the Catholic priesthood.

    At the top are the Cardinals and they get together and Elect a leader (the Pope).

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    The College of Cardinals encloses itself in the Sistine Chapel and votes until one of the cardinals receives more than half of the votes. It is the prayer of every Cardinal that they be inspired by God to vote for the person God would want.

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    Haven't you seen Pope Idol?

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