Theoretically speaking, how should this C++ application be structured?

Hi all.

I’m coming here as a complete beginner in C++, and what I need is not technical help in small details but rather a brief theoretical explanation about the most common methods to achieve the sort of application that I want. Please keep that in mind.

I began self-learning with some “complete guide” book in C++. Practically so far, I know how to program simple input and output with variables and how to use some loops, although I’m still not so familiar with the latter. Theoretically, I know the basics of OOP; how each object is a stand-alone foundation with its functions and private data, and how objects contact and exchange information with one another.

Right now, I have a clear image of a PC application that I want to create, and any hints of the methods that I have to study and use are appreciated

The application I want to create consists of 3 parts; a website, a user client, and both are connected to a bunch of online databases, fairly similar to the Steam Community.

The Steam Community website contains databases of users and user groups. Each group, which I approach as a database entry, has various sub-functions and unique data, including a message board, a news board as well as an event scheduling function and an archive for past events. Each scheduled event contains various values such as the date and description and server address and such. This is an example group: All of these are examples of the data hierarchy complexity that I need.

Users use functions and edit data of groups through the website’s interface, and the Steam user client which is actually a web browser that accesses the website.

However, instead of the client’s application being a web-browser of the website, I want to make an actual clone of the my website where the users can login, view and directly edit the data and use the functions that they have permission to access in the databases.

Please note that none of the website or databases have been created as of yet, and that this discussion revolves around the user client but not the website. I am still at the very beginning.

So, what am I going to use? What kinds of databases are eligible? Can a possible program structure be theoretically explained? What articles can help me? What C++ elements should I focus on in my study?

Any hints are appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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