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My printer/scanner wont let me scan my picture, whats wrong?

I have a HP Photosmart D5060 series. Every time I try and scan a picture to send to my computer, it always says "Try scan from computer or see documentation.". What do I do to fix it?

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    8 years ago
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    The reason it does that is because the setup failed. You need to power on the scanner, unplyg the usb cable and begin a fresh setup.

    Once the setup starts, let the program advise you when to connect the usb cable back to the computer. Let it finish setup, reboot computer. Once you are in windows, the setup will continue and advise you that it found new hardware. Let it finish and you are ready to use the scanner.

    Go in control panel, click on Scanners and Cameras. You should see the HP icon there. Click it to activate the scanner and you can scan from the menu.

    Source(s): Compu-Tech / Ms Certified
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