Sending a guy an unexpected gift... Weird or cute?

Okay, so I just came back from camp where I spent three weeks with the most amazing guy, we spent every day together and had a lot of chemistry. We weren't a couple, but I liked him and I'm pretty sure he liked me too. I was heartbroken when the camp ended as he lives in a city a couple of hours away from me. But I was thinking, as I have his address and it's his birthday in a week, I was gonna send him a gift? I was thinking of buying him a ukulele as he adored playing mine.... But would it look creepy?

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  • 7 years ago
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    That would not be creepy at all, it would actually be extremely cute.. as long as you guys bonded well and talked alot, I'm sure he will like it. :)

  • seals
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    3 years ago

    you're questioning alongside the properly suited strains in focusing on her hobbies, yet once you don't be attentive to her that properly, i would not do the filled animal factor... which could make her assume you're awaiting some kind of emotional intimacy and could make her uncomfortable. attempt to discover a humorous card (horse suitable in case you will discover it) and supply it to her without postpone. Be easy and say you had to need her a happy birthday. the effective factor some card is that she would have the ability to no longer experience which you predict she has to maintain it, yet whilst she is fascinated, she would have the ability to. stable success!

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