Is not having their cellphone a good reason to not ask a girl on a date?

There is this guy that i am into and am 90% sure he is equally into me. I really want to hang out or go on a date with him and was getting impatient. Monday of last week we hung out with two friends after work for about 2 hours before leaving and we madee plans to play basketball that wednesday. Come wednesday i find out from his friend that he said he had to leave early and that he was sorry, but he never texted or called and never responded when i texted him... i was so confused b/c i was so sure he was into me. The next day he did apologize as soon as he saw me and all was cool except now i had doubts.

On friday i brought up how we should hang out or go do something together outside of work where we can only talk for a few minutes and are always interrupted. He seemed all for it, but said he had to wait till he got his phone back which his mom took that monday (that explained alot)

is that a good reason for why he hasnt asked me on a date yet or was it just an excuse

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    9 years ago
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    Personally, all the guys that have really liked me never made any excuse...if they had something going on, they would find a way to make it work with me. In your case, why did he need the phone anyway? He could just meet you at so-so time at so-so need for phone. He could borrow someone else's phone, he could use a pay phone, etc. Two failed plans is very iffy for me....

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