Visa changing procedure in dubai?

Hi, I got a job in a new company in Dubai. I am on my father's visa now. They are demanding to change my visa to employment visa. So what is the procedure for changing my visa and how long it will take. They told me to cancel my fathers visa first for changing my visa. How can I trust them? Can I start my work after getting the initial approval from ministry of labour. I am really tensed ,because they told me, for the initial approval it will take only 1 week. But it took more than 1 month for getting the approval.

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    8 years ago
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    We can't tell you why immigration processing time varies , it'd have to depend on what is submitted by your employer so keep checking for status with them. If you don't trust them you can go verify your papers yourself at DNRD since you say you are in Dubai already , why expect us to guess , we don't know why these things happen. They just do.

    In case you don't know where DNRD is located, just take the metro to Jafeliya station , their offices are right across from that station.

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    to respond to your question one desires to understand on what style of visa you're staying interior the UAE precise now. in maximum situations you're actually unable to flow into Oman without paying for a visa to Oman first after which re-enter the UAE as quickly as extra on a sparkling visa. those visa runs are equipped via using particular excursion operators and can fee around AED a million.000 in line with individual. One the different hand, in case you entered the UAE on a seek for suggestion from visa, you do no longer ought to leave the country in any respect. Your father can shop on with on your homestead of living visa and in the direction of yet another high quality of AED 500 your refer to visa will possibly be changed precise into an area of living visa. backside line: you're actually not equipped to go on a visa run in a private vehicle. best nationalities who do no longer ought to coach for visas prematurely can achieve this.

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