What kind of All-Time list is this (Lakers NBA 2013 champs red hot?)?

1. Michael Jordan- He is unstoppable and there is no doubt whether he is number one or not.

2. Magic Johnson- Let me tell you why. 3x MVP, 5x NBA Champion, 3x Finals MVP, and leads the league in most triple-doubles ever recorded. He was so versatile. He can rebound, he can pass, he can shoot, and he can score. He could defend and he was clutch. He was a freak of nature, he could play every position and is the most unselfish player, EVER! Deserves to be number 2, in my opinion. You know when you get 42 points and 15 rebounds in game 7 of the nba finals in your rookie year and beat your rival celtics, your damn good.

3. Kareem Abdul Jabbar- Such a force. He was a 6x MVP and 6x NBA Champion. He was an excellent scorer and rebounder. His scoring/rebounding skills helped him gain his championships. He was truly a great.

4. Bill Russell- Arguably greatest rebounder of all-time. Arguably greatest defender of all-time. Guaranteed best winner of all-time with 11 rings. The only reason I put him this low is because he played in the weakest era of basketball.

5. Kobe Bryant- He is very much like Michael Jordan. He is a better shooter(and I mean much better) and a better ball-handler than MJ. But that is it. Michael was a better scorer(proven by his averages), a better defender(don't even argue, but Kobe is a great defender as well), a better winner(6 is more than 5 last time I checked), and MORE clutch(Kobe is damn clutch, maybe 2nd of all-time but Jordan was unbelievable.) Kobe and Michael were equal on rebounding and passing though. Kobe himself is clutch as ****, can shoot the ball, dribble, is athletic, can take over games, and well has the rings to prove it. 81 points in a freaking game.

6. Larry Bird- I know a white guy but a hell of a shooter and hell of a rebounder. He was so versatile and is a 3x NBA Champion and 3x Finals MVP and a 3x MVP. An all-time great, for sure.

7. Hakeem Olajuwon- a 2x NBA Champion and 2x Finals MVP in the toughest era of basketball. He was a 7' footer who had the best footwork ever. He was so soft but he was so tough! He was so weak but so strong! He is the most unique player of all-time. Most importantly he is the only player who ever won an NBA Finals by himself(the second best player on his 1994 championship was Kenny Smith). He was an excellent team player and simply outstanding.

8. Shaq- He was dominant. 4x NBA Champion, 3x Finals MVP. His dominance in the game puts him here, simply said.

9. Tim Duncan- WOW! So underrated. He is like a 20 points, 10 rebound, 2 block guy even at his age. He is the most consistent player of all-time and is so good at winning. 4x champion and 3x NBA Finals MVP. He is very unselfish and passes like a point guard too.

10. Wilt Chamberlain- If you look at his stats you would say OH MY GOD! He is the best! But he isn't. He played in a weak era and rarely won championships. While Bill won 11, he won 2. He never made his teammates better. He won one as the leader with the 76ers but he just gave up and went to the Lakers and barely one on there. He is overrated but still an all-time great.

Kobe @ 5? Really I knew this place rode Kobe and didn't have a lot of intellect but Kobe isn't better than any of these guys on the list you put? Kobe = #10 maximum


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    Kobe = 1 . Lol , just my opinion .

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Not putting active players. They could play well,opt like get injured and suck forever. D-Rose is injured don't know how he'll come back... And I don't want to spit out stats as much as you did. I'll use your as reference if I have to. But I already know they're accurate.

    1. Michael Jordan. Nuff said

    2. Magic. You explained it.

    3. Larry bird. He is one of the most CLUTCH players of all time.

    4. Kareem. Dominant for almost ever.

    5. Wilt. Averaged 50 ppg in one season. Luke Walton doesn't even play 50 minutes a season. o.O

    6. Bill Russell. Like you said, weakest era of basketball. I'd like to see him take in shaq.

    7. Shaq. Beast. Led My lakers to 3. Respect for shaq.

    8. Hakeem Olajuwan. Beast defender. Rebounded well. 2x NBA champ.

    9. Scottie Pippen. Probably the most underrated player of all-time. Shut down defender. Plays great. If MJ didn't have pippen, MJ would have won maybe 2 rings.

    10. Jerry West. Another underrated player somewhat. Nobody really thinks of him as a GOAT. But he is nicknamed Mr. Clutch. That says it all....

    Current GOATs:




    Durant will be




  • 4 years ago

    Ok, i can almost gurantee my lifestyles that Miami will go to the finals, i consider D. Rose will come again somewhat rusty and there chemistry wont be good in that brief amount of time so that you could depend Miami in the finals. But for the West, seeds 1-eight can all take eachother out. Similar to last yr when the eight seeded MEMPHIS took out the 1 seeded SPURS. So dont EVER depend out the Mavs, Spurs, Clippers, Memphis, Denver, or OKC becuase all of them have a legitimite hazard of taking them out

  • 8 years ago

    No LeBron and you can't count players that played in the 60's they would lose to highschool players these days.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    kobe 2nd

    mj 1st

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