18 and wanting a new car?

I work my butt off to save money, im a waitress. I drive a 98 toyota corolla and i want a new car. Even if its an 09, but i want advice on the types i like.

Scion tc- i LOVE the exterior but dont like how the radio is set up.

Pontiac G5- love everything about them but hard to find in my area.

Toyota camry- love everything about this car too but think its only on my list because

im afraid my insurance will go up, what do you think?

Honda Civic- its always good to be good on gas but the radio look like a ufo and its a common car.

AND Nissan maxima- even tho theyre expensive!!!!

idk whats your advice on having car payments too? i paid for my last car upfront and in cash so, i also dont have any credit.

Opinions PLEASE!!!!

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    8 years ago
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    -I will try to be thorough, but as always look it up for yourself

    First off, congratulations for working hard, saving, and choosing some sensible options as a start; plus newer cars are exponentially better on gas and safer [disclaimer: financing advice is not my strong suit; work on the car then you can focus on what payment options are ideal for you specifically]

    -in terms of value (mechanical performance, convenience features, space, style, refinement) for dollars, my choice is the tC; that said if you feel it has an excess of features that you would not use/need, there is no need to pay for it when less would satisfy you (or if you cannot get along with only two doors) -special note: the tC has one of the best audio systems on the market, short of true luxury models (personal experience with Scion sound, it is heavenly) - the monospec base package is a good deal, but the TRD accessories are not so economical

    -mechanically, the camry (with sport package) is nearly identical to the tC (same engine, similar performance characteristics) and despite being heavier gets significantly better fuel economy - has 4 doors and full spacious trunk - the added refinement (top notch family/ commuting car) comes at a price, slightly higher than the tC, but insurance and gas will both be lower

    -unlike the Scion, the Camry and others provide multiple trim-level options, to better tailor how much/little you pay for

    -Honda Civics (not Si) are very similar to the Toyota Corolla, each with a set of trims; in short the Civic can be cheaper and both are excellent on gas; like the Camry the Corolla has more refined features (= doesn't feel as cheap) but again, don't pay for what you can live without; makes it easier to avoid car payments - if you want the Si trim level, I'd still recommend the tC overall

    Nissan - a bit difficult to understand the Maxima, for a younger frugal buyer; the Altima is less expensive, with options for more power and upscale features (same deal with the Camry, Altima would have my vote though) unless you truly need the space - I wouldn't count out the Sentra, mid-range performance in this field, but top fuel economy if that is your focus and good for price, depending on trims/options

    Pontiac G5- production was killed as of '09, I believe it was just a re-badged Chevy Cruze so mid range performance and trim level, solid choice if you don't need all the tC has to offer (ie similar range to Sentra) but without the reputation for reliability and fuel economy

    -at this point, it's a matter of what your priorities are in a car, and then how much you are willing to pay to achieve them/ to what degree = the hard part :) but good luck anyways

    Source(s): http://www.scion.ca/scion/en/shopping-tools/vehicl... (no bias, just the most effective comparison tool I've found to date for new models)
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    First off, u need to figure out what u can and can not afford. Keep in mind that when getting a car loan, and with u not having any credit, they will use the vehicle for collateral which entitles u to have full coverage insurance (which can be expensive) so find a car u can afford, and get a quote on insurance. Paying both payments and high insurance may be too much for u to handle so consider this first. You dont want to lock yourelf up in a sticky situation becuase once u sign, theres no turning back. Payments can be weekly, bi weekly (every 2 weeks) or monthly. You get to choose which suits you financially. As for choosing a vehicle, i cant tell u. Its what u prefer, but i do have to say that the "radio" should be the least important thing when choosing a car. Radios can be taken out, and replaced with a CD deck. My personal opinion is a Nissan Maxima. I dont like any of the other ones. Goodluck

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    If you want a reliable car to get you to work and not have any problems. It is your transport remember. Even though they may be common. I would go with the Honda. If its only to get you around and reliability is important who cares about the the stezza you can always change it yourself..

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    First you are going to be able to desire to pay for the vehicle, yet before you even do this you are going to be able to desire to rearrange for coverage which at your age is going to be rather costly. then you certainly will could desire to pay for gas, oil, and maintenance. except you have a believe fund that provide you with $5,000 a month you may desire to settle for a junker and get a activity. Do you even want a automobile or purely want a automobile? there's a severe distinction.

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    well i like the scion tc ans maxima. i would suggest financing it. or maybe leasing it. open up a credit but make sure you make you keep a great credit score.

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