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What is Stockton, California doing?

Why is that city bankrupt... but there's illegal Mexicans all over it?

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    out of control union benefits.

    same as illinois (200 billions deficit).

    i live in illinois, land of corruption is putting it mildly. state union workers get regular raises from a bankrupt state. pension double dipping is standard procedure. property taxes go up every year. follows the obama economic policies of deficit spending. of course the elected officials take care of their friends first, all at tax payer expense of course. illinois raised personal and corporate tax rates and now is in the top three for companies and people leaving. large corporations threatening to leave are getting paid millions. this will explode in about 3 years. i am planning on being out of this bankrupt state into a nice red state that understand fiscal responsibility and corruption is not a way of life. the chicago school teachers are asking for a 25 or 30% raise over 2 years. they had the shortest day and larges starting pay in the country. but no where near the best grades. .

    look at indiana and wisconsin. both governors took on the unions and won. both states had deficits when the current governors took office. there are tough decisions that have to be made, but no different than any private company has to make to stay in business. of course, the unions will tell you the sky will fall in.

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