So God DIDN'T know Adam and Eve would SIN?

If God knew already that would mean he wanted it to be that way. So you're telling me that he didn't know adam and eve would sin, he gave them freedom of choice?

Cause if he didn't know then how could he be all knowing? But if He did know that would mean he wanted it to be that way, for them to sin and make everyone pay for the rest of eternity.

Did he know or not?

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  • 8 years ago
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    First of all, scorpus, did God know Lucifer would sin? Of course not, but He is the Creator and made provisions in case there ever was a rebellion. This is evidenced by walls and gates on the Holy City.

    Then, when God created Adam, he symbolized Jesus death by creating Eve from a wounded side.

    This also tells us God laid up the plan to save Earth "before the foundation of the earth was laid."

    God knows from the way you were raised, what you study, and your associates what type of personality you are forming. He also watches as you yield to Satan's enticements.

    Having said this, scorpus, God is still in the business of saving. And as the shooting in Colorado shows, society is really perverted, especially to stay in line at midnight to watch violence.

    Right now, just for this corrupt society, God has a special message. Read this eBook in its entirety as it opens the only part of the Bible that says you can not understand it until the End of the days:

    English> -- Arabic>

    Blessings, Messiah

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    4 years ago

    The inspiration of fashioned sin does no longer exist. It's been wrongly passed round by means of churches. God has a hassle to His vigor in that He cannot create a spiritually perfect being. The being has a spirit however has to mature to perfection. The great way to do this by way of obedience to God and finding out classes. Adam and Eve were tested for their obedience, no longer considering that God wanted to trick them as so many, many individuals have wrongly assumed. Don't forget what occurred before Adam and Eve, a tremendous battle in Heaven from a disobedient and grasping angel named Lucifer. He wasn't convinced with being answerable for the earth. He wanted the whole thing, to comprise God's throne. Just like the angels, humans have free ethical agency to obey God, disobey God or to rebel. Rebelling most often is extra obstacle than its worth. So who's going to get to be in command of the Earth? Christ. He handed the obedience test.

  • God
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    8 years ago

    Sorry I was busy...

    I thought they would listen, I was wrong, end of story.

    But at the end of the day they were really phucked...

  • meep
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    8 years ago

    Sure, he knew. He did it for the story.

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  • 8 years ago

    Shits n giggles.

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