Halabi asked in HealthOptical · 9 years ago

Eye Glasses Feel Weird?

I've been using contact lenses for 3 years now and never used eye glasses.

My eye doctor told me yesterday to get an eye glasses to use at home to rest my eyes

so I just got my eye glasses and the vision is very weird, whenever i move my head it feels like a video camera auto-focusing, i mean it takes some time to focus and things move when i move my head.

So is there something wrong or do I just need some time to adapt to the glasses?

Also sometimes when the light is low the vision is blurry

I am nearsighted and also suffer from astigmatism

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It's only because they're new. Like anything, you need to wait it out a bit. Break them in. I was the same way when I first got my classes (I wear mine all over the place, not just at home). At first it was difficult to see, things got blurry sometimes, or I'd even occasionally get a headache. Just wait it out for a little and it'll be like they're not even there. Sometimes I don't even notice my glasses anymore, they're a part of me now!

  • Emily
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    Give your glasses a chance. Since you have astigmatism, things look different through the glasses. If you're not happy after a year, go back to your doctor. Either the prescription was written wrong or it wasn't filled as written.

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