Any body got good Wedgie dares?

plzz i need wedgie dares for fun

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Longest Lasting Wedgie Dare

    This Wedgie Dare is pretty basic but very painful..You can do this wedgie with a group of people or just a few. You decide what type of wedgie you want to do and then see who can last the longest.

    Trampoline Wedgie Dare

    This wedgie dare takes place on a trampoline. You must give someone a regular wedgie than bounce up and down while continuing to hold onto your friends underwear.

    Microwave Wedgie Dare

    This wedgie dare uses a microwave to heat up any type of food you like in the microwave (chocolate, cheese..etc) and pour it down your undies and wedgie yourself.

    Jock Lock Wedgie Dare

    A Jock Lock Wedgie is when a victim is given a Wedgie and then the underwear is stretched over their foot causing struggling to increase the Wedgie.

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