Creating Folders in a Library in Windows 7?

How do I create a folders in a library (in this case Documents)? I only seem to have the option of adding already existing folders. I need to create them and put files in them. I had them before but some folders were accidentally deleted. I have a copy on an detachable external drive but can't figure out how to put a copy of them back on my computer.

In older versions of windows this used to be so easy. Now I can't get Windows to do much of anything

Thanks for your help.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Open the documents folder then beneath the menu bar you should see a row of choices - first one is organize but the last one is new folder

    click on new folder and give it a name

    OR - attach your external drive. click on windows explorer ( the 2nd icon on the bottom task bar. On the left side - click on the drive letter of your external drive. Locate the folders and files you want to move. Highlight them - then either click and drag to document folder or right click in highlighted area choose copy then right click on document folder and choose paste

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