Can anyone add to my list of repressive corporations attempting to destroy the "American Dream"?

Those corporations trying to destroy our lives through "the Superpac political destruction activities include: Marriott Hotels Omni Hotels Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Angel Soft Brawny Dixie cup Georgia Pacific

Coachella Music & Arts Festival Regal Cinemas Blue Bell Creameries, Waffle House White Castle, New Balance,Gold’s Gym Houston Dynamo Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Kings Orlando Magic, Charles Schwab Corporation, Menards,

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James: That is just plain dumb! I have worked steadily for the last 50 years and have children and grandchildren whom I would like to see a brighter future for!

Update 2:

All politicians purchased by corporations are included; we know most of them for they are against increased taxes on those that can afford it.

Update 3:

You still ain't Socrates: Without the unions we would still have a 60 hour work week for example and the middle class in the US would not have materialized so why would I include them?

The idiots falling for the corporate destruction of the unions are paving the way for the destruction of making a decent living!

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    Vote for Obama because Mitt Romney, when he was the sole owner and CEO of Bain Capital, sent jobs overseas. I pity those who vote for Mitt Romney for he will rob you and take more of what you have. He has his money and he doesn't give a damn about the average worker who is only trying to make ends meet, rather he gives a damn lot for the wealthy who will only get wealthier at the expense of the middle class and the poor, both of which would become poorer and still be without a job. Wake up people and look at what the record of Mitt Romney tells you. He made money off the sweat of those who weren't wealthy and although he has his money in a "blind trust", and states he doesn't have a say in what the blind trust does, he has a say because he pays people to say he doesn't have a say. This is easy for him to do as all he need do is have a short meeting with the one managing the "blind trust" and tell that person what he wants. Who in their right mind would elect Mitt Romney as President of the United States of America when Romney's wealth is somewhere between one hundred ninety and two hundred fifty million dollars? He isn't running for the job because he wants it; he's running so he can give favors to his wealthy friends who also take from the middle class and the poor and become wealthier. Mark my words; if Romney is elected he will take this country and every worker down a notch or two and the average worker won't be able to afford to pay for much of anything because there won't be any jobs for people who were supposed to become the consumer of goods and services and they can't become the consumer of anything because they don't have a job and there is no prospect on the horizon jobs will be there in the future and there is no plan to create jobs because there isn't the need to do so simply because there is more supply than demand for goods and services. Businesses won't hire because they don't want to hire people who won't have any work to do because whatever they produce or provide in services isn't in demand and people don't have the money to pay for the goods and services, as their most important consideration is providing food and shelter for themselves and their families. Mitt Romney doesn't give a damn, nor does he know or care about the average Joe or Mary who only want to provide for their family. Those who vote for Romney are cutting off their own future by believing what Mitt Romney is saying and were he to be elected it will be too late to change your vote once he is in office after you soon find out you're paycheck is less than it was and you won't be able to find a job. Then you only have yourself to blame. Is this what you want?

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    This can be a country of hypocrites and it's also a nation of sheep. We're too lazy to believe for ourselves, so we watch CNN to discover how we must feel about some predicament or yet another. All of us need to say we're tolerant of others, however are we fairly? Or extra to the truth do we consider we want to be tolerant on paper, but God forbid we clearly are living next door to a gay couple, or worse yet, be neighbors with them and find out they are no distinct than most heterosexual couples? We do not wish to be materialistic, but we've got so many department shops, and our greed is just not handiest prompted, it is outright rewarded. Humans who should have under no circumstances had mortgages in the first situation have been being given the keys to houses they might no longer have enough money and now that the housing market has crashed, everyone is busy blaming each person else. Oh, this nation is tearing itself to portions all right, and on the heart of it is that every body has stopped caring about what made this country pleasant, and is now so involved with strolling our agenda all over. The elected officers do not do very much to ease every person's state both. We're embroiled in in all probability the worst main issue this country has ever visible and all we can do is factor the finger and blame each other

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    how about SEIU? Odd you don't include any unions in there or other corporations that support Liberal superpacs. Why is that?

    Your thinking that Conservative contributors are destroying the "American Dream" is just blind attitude. You lack the judgment in separating what ACTUALLY hurts the American Dream and what gives your political ego a warm fuzzy.

    Have you ever bothered to define what constitutes the American Dream? Have you ever bother to define what political policies (or liberation from them) are necessary to achieve those dreams? Doing this will expose you misunderstanding of what is at the core of the dreams. It's all about being free and able to pursue, in an environment ripe with opportunity (that in itself created by others achieving their dreams), what ever your dream is. It's not about cutting in to someone else's dream so you can achieve or be given yours.

    Keep in mind, no corporation can tell you what to do. Only government can tell you what to do. As a government puts it's tentacles into business (as this one is doing) to manipulate and make them do government's bidding, business is more able to put its' tentacles into government to make it do theirs. That's called crony Capitalism.

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    7 years ago

    Does the White House and Senate count?

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    7 years ago

    Why do you want to add to it when you're just echoing left-wing talking points?

  • 7 years ago

    if your dream is be be a welfare queen and live in a country without oil, I hope they succeed

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