I want to move but i need help.?

I live in canada right now studying to be an LAA (Legal Amin Assistant) and i would love to move back to portland oregon once im done. But what will i need? How much money should i bring? Should i take my car with me should i fly? Where will i live? How can i find a job? What if i lose all of my money and find no way back to canada?I need a very detailed step by step plan to do this and my parents are fobs and wont teach or telk me anything because they feel " school teaches me everything " so please help me.

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    5 years ago

    If 1/2 the loved ones approves of the transfer, and it is cheaper for a more improved room, i might say, go for it. Getting more for his cash could be an improvement to his life. Now how concerning the meals? Are they full meals or snacks. Do they get fruit everyday. And what about pill dispension. Is any one answerable for that, to eliminate mistakes. Some areas have the overseeing of an RN. But in addition many places can not afford the offerings. And does the dispenser of the tablets, wear rubber gloves for sanitary factors? There is so much to don't forget before you displace him. Be certain he can control the transition, so he would not get afraid after moving. I have a pal, who died two days after her move. She was once dealt with badly with the aid of staff in that wing, and she or he went into a catatonic state of intellect. And did not admire her daughter. After which she died tomorrow. So weigh matters carefully.

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