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Why feminists bash "Y" chromosomes and call all men "defective" "mutated" etc ?

Mainstream feminist like Germaine Greer,

Dworkin, and recently two leading

geneticist man bashing males(Steven Jones,

Brian Sykes) who say we are defective,

violent, mutants, viruses, scum and we(Men)

will disappear in X amount of time due to

the eventual degradation of the


Has anything equally discriminatory being

published about women

*recently*, in the last 60 years. Why is it

acceptable to publish extremely derogatory

things about male genetics but if anyone

tried to publish something similar about

females it would be virtually impossible as

no publishing house would want to touch it

without fearing the wrath of the feminist.

Germain Greer

"I have a great deal of difficulty with the

idea of the ideal man. As far as I'm

concerned, men are the product of a

damaged gene. They pretend to be normal

but what they're doing sitting there with

benign smiles on their faces is they're

manufacturing sperm. "

Steven Jones

"Males are, in many ways, parasites upon

their partners," Jones notes. "Their interests

are to persuade the other party to invest in

reproduction, while doing as little as they

can themselves. Like all vermin, from

viruses to tapeworms, they force their

reluctant landlady to adapt or to be


Such male bashing ,and remember these feminists played a great role in their movement .

I am proud to be defective(according to them ) because I don't hate women like some of them hate men.


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    What I really don't understand is why does anyone take them seriously, a title like geneticist, or scientist doesn't automatically mean that every thing they say is worth listening to, I mean, there is a qualified scientist in cavendish laboratories in England who thinks that inanimate objects like rocks have brains and memories and sometimes project images of past events for us to see and people mistake them for ghosts ( I'm not joking). Look, every section of every department like the scientific community, and the government, has it's mentally impaired people that shouldn't be there.

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    I agree with two previous contributors and would like to add something. It seems that nowadays scientists or those who call themselves so are prone to methodological reductionism. Nowadays, the only thing that seems to count is biology. Whereas in the 20th century social sciences were more or less leading the public opinion, there is a kind of return of natural sciences. But unfortunately all the good of social sciences and arts are left out of the equation.

    Frankly feminism is outdated and the funny part is that feminists are generally physically ugly women, that people find hard to like. Forget about her, and just be yourself. I would hate to see men capitulating and giving in to what they know is nonsense. Granted, it is difficult to find out how to be a man in this day and age. But maybe being a man is about knowing which crap not to listen to. Ignoring it is the best medicine. Btw, the more you doubt about yourself, the more unattractive that is, you will then find that girls avoid you. Self-confidence is sexy and self-assurance attracts other people. So anything that is detrimental to your self esteem, just get rid of it. It would be very bitter if you turned out to be the proof of your own assumptions.

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    4 years ago

    Top 10 Questions Fundamentalists Find Most Annoying Anti-Catholics often pepper Catholics with rapid-fire questions of the form "Where is X mentioned in the Bible?", as if every single concept has to be explicitly mentioned in Scripture, and mentioned using exactly the same term for it that is used today. Next time that happens to you, try out some of the following questions in reply... 10. Where is the term altar call in the Bible? 9. Where is the term Rapture in the Bible? 8. Where is the term premillenialism in the Bible? 7. Where is the term total immersion in the Bible? 6. Where is the term eternal security in the Bible? 5. Where is the term King James Version in the Bible? 4. Where is the term sola scriptura in the Bible? 3. Where is the term total depravity in the Bible? 2. Where is the term faith alone in the Bible? (Only in James 2:24, where it is rejected) And the #1 question Fundamentalists find most annoying… 1. Where is the term Bible in the Bible?

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    I wonder if the Y chromosome will deteriorate in all other sexually reproductive animals as well. It seems males and females have been around since prehistoric times, but yeah men are a dying breed.

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    8 years ago

    I dislike feminists. If men and women were meant to be equal, men would be able to give birth and women would have penises. There's no need for feminists in the modern world, sexism only exists in comedy.

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    You have given me even more reason to hate feminists, I didn't think I could hate them any more than I did. How can anyone be on their side? Can't they see that they are complete lunatics? you would have to be insane to be on their side. You men should try to do something about all this, they are only half men, you are 100% men, you are above them.

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    Don't know where the f### feminists think they come from if there were not y chromosomes and hence no men, ignore these fools...

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    How is that evil monster not institutionalised? They are angry and frustrated at men, because men expect them to be women, and they have a Y chromosome that has them want to be treated as a man. The problem is that at least the majority of feminists were born intersexuals [hermaphrodites] but are being mistaken for women. I am not being sarcastic or derogatory. I think that intersexuals should be recognised and accepted. So many people are mislead and confused about hermaphrodites. There is so much misleading information about them out there. They are not male or female [even though they usually look like one or the other] they are intersexuals, a literal blend of male and female in one. They don't have to have both functional reproductive organs, their genitals are usually ambiguous, some even have completely female genitalia and ovo-testies inside their bodies. Many have surgery as infants to remove the external male parts, [here I am only referring to the hermaphrodites that are raised female]. Their genitals are not the only things affected, because they are the two sexes merged into one, these intersexuals that appear to be female have other male characteristics, like male thoughts and desires, usually male body shape and/or are tall for females, male tastes and behaviour, strenghth, sexuality etc. I think this sums up feminists. What they think, say, do, and want is far too masculine or hermaphroditic for them to just be women. That is why feminists are a minority, and the majority of women don't even like feminism. As a woman I can testify, and so can every other woman I have ever spoken to about feminists, that we can't relate to them at all and we don't agree with them or like what they are doing or have done to our society. They were a minority to begin with and always have been. They should focus on liberating hermaphrodites [there are much more of them out there than what you can imagine or are being led to believe], by doing that they will find liberation themselves, and may leave us women alone. Feminists, stop pressuring us into roles and positions that are unnatural and undesirable to us, stop robbing us of our femininity, we don't have a problem with being women and we love being feminine. Stop feminizing, demonizing and oppressing men, it's evil. Stop damaging society by altering it to accommodate your problems, feminists it's your responsibility to address your own issues. Why should we all have to suffer for your failure to do so. I recommend visiting

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    feminists are crazy but that was a wall of text that i didn't read

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    Those women have penis envy.

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