My boyfriend is in Marines ITB training?

I know that he won't be able to talk on the phone much, but how much are we talking about? He used to be able to talk every weekend, until week four CSRE came because he hasn't called me yet :P So I guess he'll be busy on the weekends too? I don't exactly know how it all works, and I'm really curious to know. Marines, or marine wives/girlfriends, please help me out.


He's in Camp Pendleton, San Diego

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  • 8 years ago
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    Back when I was at ITB in Camp Geiger NC, we pretty much had every weekend off. We spent the whole week in the field and then had the weekends off. I am sure maybe one of the weeks we had to stay for the weekend I can't remember now. But it's not that bad. As soon as he gets to his unit he will be able to talk to you every day. LoL..... Unless he is deployed to Iraq or Afghan.

    Source(s): Former Infantry Marine.
  • 8 years ago

    I've dated three Marines, my best friend is a Marine, and I know hundreds of other Marines that I've worked with over the past four years. I can give you quite a bit of advice on this.

    First things first, this will be how your relationship is for the next four or five years depending on his contract. Especially during deployments. He will be working most of the week and a lot of the time he will be working on weekends, at least for the next months. His life is the Marines now, your relationship will come second.

    I would recommend not announcing where he is stationed or anymore details about him. As Marine girlfriends and wives, you follow a code and you follow OPSEC (Operation Security). It's your job to protect your Marine's information and life.

    You will get to talk when he has time, that may be once a week or twice a week. It could be more often than that but that's only once he's out of training. I wish you the best of luck and Semper Fi.

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    8 years ago

    I'm Air Force. I'm sure every branch is different and people who go through training is different too. When i went through BMT i was allowed maybe one phone call a week if i was lucky. Depending on how we did determined on how much morale time we got awarded to us. I was usually writing letters to my fiance back then. But don't worry after these weeks go by and training is done you'll be able to talk to him more often. Chin up

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