Italian serie a...milan departures.?

With the two best player leaving Milan. How will they do to compete for the scudetto? If pato isn't injured all the time, they would have a good striker but he is a risk to take. Also their defence is not that good now that thiago silva left.

I feel juve might win the scudetto if they end up getting cavani or persie.

Also napoli might lose more than lavezzi as well and with udinese losing isla and asamoah to juve, the three teams below juve seems to becoming weaker. Who do you think will be the best Italian team in serie a next season?

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    8 years ago
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    I still believe they have a squad good enough for Scudetto race with a midfield of Constant-Flamini-Montilvo- Boateng, they are a threat. Plus, I know for sure they will add another Striker (Tevez/Falcao/Damiao) and I also feel Kaka will return to Milan, so yea they will finish top 3.

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    8 years ago

    I expect Milan to finish about as bad as Inter did last season.

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