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When will the Hero's packing a concealed weapon put a stop to these shootings before they occur?

I thought an armed populace was supposed to stop these kinds of massacres from happening?

Conservatives have gotten their way with guns for the last 12 years...concealed weapons allowed in most all states and you can pack a gun in bars now and just about anywhere, certainly they are allowed in a movie theater.

So when will all the hero concealed weapons guys and gals start using their Spider Sense before these things happen so they have their gun out and at the ready before the deranged shooter even gets off a shot?

And make no mistake about it...they would need Spiderman's spider sense to know something bad was going to happen. If there were any concealed weapon carriers in that theater you can bet when the shooting started they were cowering behind the seats or running for the exit...that is why this guy was not shot dead after only popping off a few rounds.

So is it time for the next step...make it illegal to NOT carry a gun? The NRA could give out spiffy brand new guns to every American on their 18th Birthday and we are all legally required to pack heat!

Still no spider sense to warn of impending danger. So how about the Government hires one of those new Private Sector Mercenary (Security) Services and have them place a couple million snipers in strategic places through out the USA?

What other brilliant ideas do the Conservatives have to stop gun massacres like the one in Colorado last night?

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    9 years ago
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    Good question. The concealed carriers don't appear to have Spider Sense.

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    You don't hear about the ones that were stopped because THEY WERE STOPPED. They weren't newsworthy. If you do hear anything it is a quick mention and that's it. When the shootings AREN'T stopped they cover them non-stop.

    Even if someone had a gun in the theater this morning there are some things that would have made it impossible for them to do anything BEFORE it happened. First, It was dark, the shooter used some sort of smoke bomb type of device making visibility even worse. Second, people thought it was a part of the show. They didn't realize, until they saw people dropping to the ground or people near them being shot, what was happening. Also by the time people realized what was happening there was a great deal of panic. It would have been difficult at best to pick out the shooter and get off a clear shot without hitting an innocent moviegoer.

    I guess your idea for STOPPING gun massacres is to disarm the people? Do you REALLY believe that will stop these massacres? Has the government been able to STOP them? The best they can do is respond AFTER the fact(or at least after the initial attack). If you disarm the people you open them up to the tyranny of government. The first thing dictators and tyrants do is disarm the people. There is NO perfect solution without destroying individual rights. If you want perfection you're going to waste your life looking for it, it ain't there.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    It will handiest work if a permit holder knows who the crazy is and may take them out without killing or hurting any person else. No number of hid weapons would have helped this drawback.

  • 9 years ago

    I wonder how many senseless massacres will have to happen before the gun nuts STFU about how we should ALL be carrying guns to "be more safe". Morons.

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  • 9 years ago

    It does happen every day, but the news media rarely reports it

  • Riles
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    9 years ago

    ^ Interesting story... still, I think that people carrying guns would create MORE crime, not solve it. I agree that most people who carry guns are law abiding citizens, but I think that adding guns to heated situations (which happen regardless of how "law abiding" you may be) can't end well.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    It hapeened just the other day

    Florida senior with gun thwarts internet cafe robbery

    and in 2007 in Colorado

    Security guard who stopped shooter credits God

  • 9 years ago

    Okay, how many people in the theater were armed? Did any of them have a clear shot?

    Use a little logic, please.

  • You mean shoot someone they assume is a mass murderer? That sounds like a fool proof plan.

  • Mike T
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    9 years ago

    As soon as idiots like you let us carry in your business you'll be safer. No weapons allowed in the theatre!

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