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Where is the best place in southern France to live?

I'm a Norwegian classical artist and I love southern France (Spain and Italy for that matter) and during the winter months it would be wonderful to have a place that's beautiful but more importantly warm! Least not any worry about shoveling snow, I've done that enough for a lifetime, hehe!

Its my understanding it's pretty warm a little more inland from Nice?

Are there any nice towns around there with a wonderful view? To get a view of the sea would be heavenly! Doesn't need to be close to any big towns or the shore (thinking about price a bit of course) but still not middle of nowhere, but panoramic views would be perfect!

A side note, I realize that views depends on the house you would get, but some areas has it more then others, right? =)

Ugh, I feel like I'm going in circles, what I really like is, warmth during winter, great views and it would be wonderful it's near a town with allot of culture and SAFE (most important of all)!

Thank you so much!


Markets are so great, that really tempts me, I will absolutely look into those towns! I never considered the Mistral... I've never experienced it personally before. Thank you so much!

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    The warmest places in the French Riviera are Menton and Beaulieu sur Mer, nice warm weather always.

    Places where artists (painters, architects, designers, musicians) like to live or to spend their holidays : Saint Paul de Vence and Tourrettes sur Loup.

    Great views : Saint Paul de Vence, Menton, Beaulieu sur Mer, Eze, La Turbie, Villefranche sur Mer ... And many other places but the ones I mentioned are near Nice where you'll always find things to do, concerts, exhibitions, etc.

    Even if properties are quite expensive in the area, as far as you don't look for a villa with park and view, for a little flat, it should be fine, also because you'd only be there in winter and you could rent it during the summer school holidays at a very high price, it's an investment.

    In big cities like Nice, the price of properties vary a lot depending on the neighbourhood, you can always find something affordable.

    The best you can do is go there next winter, visit all the area and check properties at different estate agents, also on Internet.

    Public transport is quite good, you can go to little towns by bus or to cities by train, if you've got a car, much better.

    Don't worry too much about the mistral.

    You'll find local markets at almost any town of France.







    Source(s): French I go to Sainte Maxime many times per year and visit the area quite often.
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    anywhere with a view of the sea is very expensive in Provence.

    Aix en Provence is a nice town and so is St Remy en Provence.

    St Remy is much smaller and has two wonderful markets each week .

    I think you would enjoy that.

    The only drawback is the Mistral sometimes.

    Aix is bigger and has more going on. Big classical Music festival each year

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    Marseille is nice, and I believe it is eighter the 2nd or 3rd largest city in France, although it is considered kind of poor compared to other French cities, though it still has it's nice parts. The French Riviera is notorious for being expensive - and it depends on whether you want to live in a large urban city, or the classical small- town feel. Good Luck !

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  • 4 years ago

    Surely where you live depends very much on where you have been offered a job. And, if you are not an EU citizen, it will be very difficult for you to move to France unless you have a valid job offer first.

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