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What's a good weight?

What would you say a good weight for a 14 year old girl who's 5'7 is?

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    There's no such thing. There's healthy and there's weight...they're not one in the same.

    Weight: how hard gravity pulls you towards Earth.

    Health: a lifestyle revolving around regular exercise, sound nutritional choices and happiness/stress management.

    While that sounds like a cop-out, it isn't. Two people can weigh the same but one person may look fantastic while another looks horrible. For example, a man is 5'4 and weighs 205 pounds. What's your first reaction? "He's short and fat," right? Well, he isn't. He's professional bodybuilder Lee Priest and this is what he looks like:

    Sure, not everyone likes the look of huge muscles, but we can agree that he is NOT fat.

    Want a different example that's less extreme? Okay.

    Giesele Bundchen is a supermodel and Adrianna Lima is a Victoria's Secret model. They're the same height and same clothing size, but Bundchen is 16kg (about 40 pounds) heavier than Lima.



    Both of these women look great for what they do (modeling) but if you look closely Bundchen is toned and lean while Lima has visible ribs and a soft, slightly pudgy belly...yet Lima is 40 pounds LIGHTER than Bundchen. Remember, they are the same clothing size and height and both are models.

    Hopefully you can see that weight doesn't matter.

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