your favorite film scores?

I know it's not really classical, but I don't know where else to post this. I'm just looking for some OSTs to listen to. Some of my favorites are Dexter, Inception, and 28 Days Later.

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    Off the top of my head, just a few composers who made a major contribution to film music - and music in general...:

    Max Steiner

    Alfred Newman

    Georges Delerue

    Alan Menken

    Bernard Herrmann

    Ennio Morricone

    John Williams

    Howard Shore

    Nino Rota

    Miklós Rózsa

    Franz Waxman

    ... among many, many others.

    Bedtime here - I'll edit this one with specific titles the moment I have that spare time :-)



    Edit Add: How in the world did I manage to omit Elmer Bernstein and Jerry Goldsmith in the above list ??!?

    My (very, very own) favorite film scores (*searching his own hard disk, eyes vacant*)? I'd say (in no particular order - actually, how could *that* be possible?):

    - ''Gone with the Wind'' - Max Steiner (''Not classical'', yeah [having studied with Brahms and Mahler just won't get you the imprimatur of the next 'classical lover' since this is 'only' film music ...] - though *definitely* a classic in the noblest sense of the word

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    - ''Fiddler on the Roof'' - John Williams (What Mr. Williams did here with Jerry Bock's music is, simply put, one of the greatest achievements in music arrangement *ever* - compare both scores and you'll see, beginning with ''To Life''...)

    - ''Once Upon a Time in America'' - Ennio Morricone (for no other reason that anyone who could compose ''Deborah's Theme''

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    and ''Poverty''

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    deserves to rest in peace)

    - ''The Godfather'' - Nino Rota (an obvious one to many - still, a gorgeous score from first to last bar...)

    - ''Sunset Boulevard'' - Franz Waxman (film music that stands on its own - with or *without* that 24 images/sec. thing...

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    - ''The Last Metro'' - Georges Delerue (see above

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    ) [along with ''Le mépris'': thème de Camille

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    And of course:

    - ''Star Wars'' - John Williams (Anyone in the know will no doubt acquiesce - that score has it *all*: memorable tunes [...not as simple as it seems to ''find out''] + EXPERT craftsmanship in orchestration - a treat from beginning to the end)

    Well, that's it for tonight. :-)



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    3 years ago

    Film ranking= Queen's Brian may's score for 'The street Warrior' and 'Mad Max' movies. Favourite film score Composer would be Michael Kamen (chiefly the tune for Robin Hood Prince of Theives). Another favourite scores Danny Elfman most of Tim Burton's films and John chippie on account that without his track 'Halloween' would had been a whole special film, imho. Favorite album(s) begininning with the letter 'B' = back To The Egg by using Paul McCartney. Again In Black by ACDC. Balls To The Wall by way of be given.

  • 7 years ago

    Bernard Hermann : Vertigo, Psycho, North by Northwest, Day the Earth stood still, Taxi Driver, Marnie

    Miklos Rosza: The Lost Weekend, Ben Hur

    Randy Newman: The Natural

    Vangelis: Chariots of Fire

    2001 a space odyssey with a mixture of Strausses.

    The Shining. Bartok

    Leonard Bernstein: On the Waterfront.

    Erich Wolfgang Korngold: Robin Hood and Prince and the Pauper

    Franz Waxman: The Bride of Frankenstein, Sunset Blvd

    John Williams: Star Wars (Original), Superman, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park

    Maurice Jarre: Lawrence of Arabia, Dr ZHivago.

    Max Steiner: King Kong, Gone with the Wind

    Trevor Jones: Last of the Mohicans

    James Horner Glory

    John Barry: Dances with Wolves

    Nino Rota: The Godfather

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    Source(s): That's Enough
  • Zuzu
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    7 years ago

    I like the soundtracks from Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Illusionist.

    And I know it's not a film, but the soundtrack from Doctor Who, composed by Murray Gold, has some of my favourite music.

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  • 7 years ago

    Film scores aren't really my 'cup of tea', but I like Michael Kamen's score for 'The Adventures of Baron Münchausen'. In particular, that wonderful waltz (I think it's called 'The Venus Waltz') - which would fit very nicely into Richard Strauss's opera 'Der Rosenkavalier'. Memorable melodies, and very beautifully orchestrated.

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    "This Jesus Must Die", guitar rendition in the overture for Jesus Christ Super Star. A classic where heavy metal blended with classical orchestra arrangements.

    Source(s): Check it out on Yahoo and Wikipedia
  • Dave U
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    7 years ago

    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

  • 7 years ago

    I think it would have to be Jerry Goldsmiths score for Total Recall.

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