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What type of zombie decks are competitive and good?

Zombie world

Zombie divas


Debris zombie

Striker zombie

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  • 8 years ago
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    Zombie divas or telezombies (zombie with e-teleport) are the two best zombie decks. They are competative and super fun. Here is my personal favorite zombie list: (its tele-zombies)

    3x Gob Zombie

    2x Pyramid Turtule

    2x Mystic Tomato

    1x Dark Armed Dragon

    2x Spirit Reaper

    2x Zombie Master

    1x Mazuki

    1x PSZ

    1x Pain Painter

    2x Krebons

    1x Psycic Commander

    2x Effect Veiler


    3x Creature Swap (so good since you play so many floaters)

    1x Book of Moon

    1x E-con

    2x Pot of Duality

    2x E-tele

    2x MST

    1x Heavy

    1x Reborn

    1x Dark Hole


    2x Solemn Warning

    2x Torrential

    1x Solemn Judgemnt

    1x Call of the haunted

    So the point of this deck is to syncro into lvl6 then into lvl 8. if that fails you just summon gob zombie, tomato or turtle and swap it with your opponets big syncro or XYZ,....thats why i love this deck.

    Extra deck:

    2x revived king ha des

    1x Giai force of earth

    1x hyper librarian

    1x magical andriod

    1x mist wurm

    1x brio

    1x black rose

    1x stardust

    1x dark end

    1x scrap dragon

    1x Collosal Fighter/Though Ruler Archfeind

    1x Leviair

    1x Utopia

    1x Maesroke/leviathan dragon

    The XYZs are just there for extra support and plays, but this deck syncros fast and often.

    Note that you can easily make this diva zombies by removing the 3 physcics and adding 3 divas. Revoving the 2 e-teles and adding 1 spined gilman and 1 extra trap or spell of your choice.

    Source(s): exp
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    well in my opinion i don't know much about the zombies but if u want an incredible deck check out the dark world deck, there fiends but the deck is unstoppable , although allot of monster card effects have to do with them being sent to the grave yard because of an opponents monster card affect. so that's the only down fall because i think that's hard to happen. but definently check it out. i haven't lost with it yet.

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  • 8 years ago

    Airborne Zombie Assault.

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