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Mouthwash that doesn't really foam?

I've had some bad breath issues and have been wanting a good mouthwash but I don't like either Act or Chest Whitening. They get this foaminess after swishing for the recommend time and I don't get like a crisp fresh feeling in my mouth like I should but instead kind of raw. This is this same with brushing my teeth though and like doesnt help my breath really (its still bad) so idk if there's something wrong...

But anyways is there a good mouthwash that has the crisp fresh feeling and doesn't get all foamy?

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    Scope is one of the mouthwash products that has had the acceptance of the ADA (American Dental Association) for many years. Also new on the market is a mouthwash called Smart Mouth’s 12 hour mouthwash. I have not tried it yet, but it seems to be getting some very good reviews. I have included a link so you can get more information about it. I am also a former dental assistant.

    The foaminess and the raw feeling is probably because of the whitening properties in the mouthwash you are currently using. Most home whitening products contain caustic ingredients that while bleaching your teeth cause them to become more easily stained later especially if your teeth are already sensitive.

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