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How do i fix my wireless adapter?

Ever since i got my (ASUS PCE-N15 11N Wireless Lan PCI-E Card) ive had huge problems connecting and staying connected to my wireless internet. It installed fine and had no problems connecting at first but then i started having lag spikes and sometimes just flat out drops my connection. Im only about 20ft away from the router and moving it closer doesn't help.

I found a few people with the same problem as me but no fix.

Im running on Windows 7 *64 bit


the antenna is facing the router (my computer is turned backwards) and its the exact same as before.

I can connect to the router but i just dont get anything through it.

I know its a problem with the adapter because all other wireless stuff works perfectly from even further away.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    The problem with PCI cards is that they are stuck down the back of the machine and the antenna is right against the metal of the casing. This is all the worst possible places to put an antenna. Weak signal, serious signal reflections and this causes signal cancellation. And if there are ANY walls or other obstructions between the machine and the router (even people can obstruct signal) you have no chance. That is why it is always better to fit a USB card, at least with those you can put them on an extension cable and bring them up high above the desk.

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