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Who is the better director?: Martin Scorsese or Christopher Nolan?

who and why? personally, I choose Scorsese. the departed is the greatest movie ever made. what are your thoughts?

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    Martin Scorsese has a very impressive body of work, Nolan still has a long way to go. It's not only The Departed. In comparison...

    Scorsese's films ranked:

    1- Goodfellas

    2- Raging Bull

    3- Mean Streets

    4- The Departed

    5- Taxi Driver

    6- Alice Dosen't Live Here Anymore

    7- After Hours

    8- The King Of Comedy

    9- Hugo

    10- The Last Temptation Of Christ

    (and that's only half of the films he's made in total)

    Chris Nolan ranked:

    1- Memento

    2- Dark Knight

    3- The Prestige

    4- Inception

    (there's a few more films he's made but they don't compare)

    No competition.

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    Both are firm representations of their respective generations but both have their flaws and their strengths.

    With Scorsese: You will always find a memorable character (whether it be Tommy in Goodfellas, Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver, or Frank Costello in The Departed). This I believe is his strongest trait as director.

    The editing and camera work are usually magnificent. His writing can be clever (Goodfellas, The Departed) or slovenly predictable (New York,New York, Boxcar Bertha, The Aviator). Sometimes his scenes run way too long and end up adding nothing to the film.

    My main complaint about him is that I can usually tell that I am watching a movie. I like to be swept away in the world of the movie. So far only one of his films has done this for me.

    With Nolan: The writing and story are usually some of the most intricate and interesting scripts ever written (Memento, Inception). His films are hardly ever dull. The editing and camerawork are usually hyper stylized and incredible. He suffers in the character department. Many of his protagonists are nearly non-discernible or are just not that interesting.

    My main complaint with Nolan is that he always creates an extremely interesting idea but does not explore or explain it to its full extent. It can seem like a device just to keep our interest sometimes (Memento).

    For myself, I think I would go with Nolan because his films always seem to flow from one scene to the next with no trouble. Yeah the cast can be uninteresting occasionally but that may not matter while I am at the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next. If you were to compare worst film to worst film I think Nolan would win too. If you were to compare best to best then it may get a little harder.

    Neither of these directors are on my favorites list but I do see them both as revolutionary for their times. Favorite by Scorsese is Hugo. Favorite by Nolan is The Dark Knight.

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    maximum critics ought to flow for Scorsese, because his resume is way a lot longer than Nolan's. Martin Scorses has been energetic because the 1970's, Christopher Nolan, the early 1990's. The call of Scorsese is linked with such gritty classics, as Taxi motive force, Raging Bull, and Goodfellas all of which have made a deep mark on pop lifestyle, with memorable prices and performances. Christopher Nolan has made in straightforward words 6 videos, yet 6 particularly marvelous ones. personally, i favor Scorsese because he merely has extra fabric, yet Nolan is impressive for his tale tellling, and he looks so promising. in the top fairly all of it merely boils down on your opinion :)

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    Chris Nolan is a really good director, but no where near Scorsese's level

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    Christopher Nolan rejuvinated a fallen franchise with his Batman films and f*cked up our minds with Inception. What did Scorsese do but give Ben Kingsley a career? I like both, but Nolan is my favorite.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Martin Scorsese. I love movies based around violence. Christopher Nolan is ....well lets just agree he is cheesy.

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    Both directors are massively OVER-Rated. They are just average story-tellers.

    But Scorsese gets the win because his body of work is much bigger and more impressive than Nolan's.

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    scorsesse, the departed is overrated for scorscesse's old work, taxi driver, mean streets, raging bull, goodfellas, casino, cape fear, bringing out the dead and of course the departed and even his boardwalk empire episode its pilot was beast.

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