Whose more romantic? Feb Pisces men or march Pisces men?

Specifically: feb.21 or mar.1?

Both neither, feb one, or the march1?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Feb pisces. They are the truee pisceans. I am part of decan 2 so im the pisces/cancer..i find myself more sensitive and moody or more closer to a cancer than the typical pisces. Pisces feb21 and on are more so what they describe a pisces to be :romance junkies. I on the other hand, am not so much. I know two pisces men, my uncle and my best friend. My uncle is from the decan 1 and he is the most romantic man i know. When its late and his wife asks him for mc donalds, he alwwways goes and gets it for her. When she cries, he know exactly which dvd to buy het to cheer her up lol. Hes married her every year for 4 years now and their spark seems to grow stronger and stronger every day. Then theres the decan 2, my best friend. He is no different to me..isnt so much of a romantic bird. He loves love, but isnt romantic. So my answer would most def have to be feb 21 nd on.

    Source(s): *looks down* She isnt asking who the true pisceans are. Shes asking which out of the two are most romantic. If you look up the decans, youll find what i meant by true pisceans.
  • 7 years ago

    being romantic is based a whole lot more than just the sun sign. rising and moon sign have a lot to do with it, venus even moreso and depending on what kind of romantic you like, all of the planets have something to do with it. romantic is always relative to the other person, what turns one person on may not work on someone else at all. there are some esoteric considerations you could analyze based on the degrees, but it's not worth it because the other factors in the chart will overrule it strongly. so don't pay much attention to it. just take them both for pisces and if you know their birth times then you can look at venus, and the moon, and the whole chart depending on how much you know. good luck with your astrology endeavors. peace be with you. jai krishna. hare ram.

  • 7 years ago

    March is the month of Pisces, therefore, March Pisceans are true Pisceans. Ones born in February are also under the influence of Aquarius, since february the month of Aquarius.

    Hope that answers your question :)

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  • 7 years ago

    the actual month they are born in doesn't affect how romantic they are. you would need to do a full birth chart on the person and see what their moon/venus signs are in. typically people with moon/venus signs that are in libra, pisces, scorpio, or leo, tend to be the most romantic.

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