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jehovah witnesses: as a representitive of the only true church of god and christ which is catholicism?

i hear say that i am allowed to say what i say, only because the church that i attend is the only true church of GOD and no other. as a true Representative of GOD and CHRIST to spread the word, i acknowledge that what the jehovah witness church teaches is absolute false, and not only that, they are condemning millions of people Straight to the pits of hell.

jehovah witness: you are not and never will be represantatives of the true GOD with all the fallacy you teach, it is better for you to ammend your lives and change your beliefs before it is to late.

remeber what jesus said: many will come on that day and say LORD! LORD! i did many things in your name, i healed, casted out demons, etc and he will say: depart from me i never knew you.

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    Any claim by Catholicism to be the Christian Church at any time in its existence is laughable!

    The definition of a "Christian" is one who acts like Christ, believes what Christ believed, and teaches what Christ taught.

    Christ said the primary way "Christians" would be identified would be "love for each other" and they would even love their enemies (Jn.13:34,35; Mt.5:44; 1Jn.4:20). True Christians would not kill members of their own religion in war (1Jn.3:10,15; 4:8; 2Cor.10:3-5).

    But, Catholicism's historical record from its very inception is of bloodthirsty wars, immorality, sectarian violence and factional splits! (Mt.7:21-23; Gal.5:19-23). This is an imitation of Satan who characteristically promotes killing (Jn.8:44; 1Jn.3:8).

    Peter De Rosa, who states that he is a "patriotic Catholic," says in his book Vicars of Christ-The Dark Side of the Papacy:

    "The church was responsible for persecuting Jews, for the Inquisition, for slaughtering heretics by the thousand, for reintroducing torture into Europe as part of the judicial process. . . . Popes appointed and sacked even emperors, demanded that they impose Christianity on their subjects under the threat of torture and death. . . . The cost to the Gospel message was horrendous." The only "crime" of some who were murdered was that they possessed a Bible.

    Regarding Pope Innocent III of the early 13th century, De Rosa states: "It has been reckoned that in the last and most savage persecution under Emperor Diocletian about two thousand Christians perished, worldwide. In the first vicious incident of Pope Innocent's Crusade ten times that number were slaughtered. . . . It comes as a shock to discover that, at a stroke, a pope killed far more Christians than Diocletian. . . . [Innocent] had no qualms about using Christ's name to do everything Christ objected to."

    De Rosa notes that "in the pope's name, [the inquisitors] were responsible for the most savage and sustained onslaught on human decency in the history of the race." Of Dominican inquisitor Torquemada in Spain, he says: "he ruled tyrannically for fifteen years. His victims numbered over 114,000 of whom 10,220 were burned."

    De Rosa concludes: "The record of the Inquisition would be embarrassing for any organization; for the Catholic church, it is devastating. . . . What history shows is that, for more than six centuries without a break, the papacy was the sworn enemy of elementary justice. Of eighty popes in a line from the thirteenth century on, not one of them disapproved of the theology and apparatus of Inquisition. On the contrary, one after another added his own cruel touches to the workings of this deadly machine. The mystery is: how could popes continue in this practical heresy for generation after generation? How could they deny at every point the Gospel of Jesus?" He answers: "Pontiffs preferred to contradict the Gospel than an 'inerrant' predecessor, for that would bring down the papacy itself."

    Truly, the term "Catholic Christian" causes any thinking Christian to cringe and gives true Christianity a bad name.

    Despite their claims, even Catholics cannot identify the true "church" from Christ's time to the present. By their own record they have added, taken away, and adjusted dates on their own list of popes. All throughout history their foundation has been legend, fable and fraud.

    The latest list of 1947 admitted that two popes on previous lists were found to be actually nonexistent and four were really antipopes. Information was changed on 74 popes. Three new names were placed as legitimate Popes and dates were re-adjusted in a desperate attempt to maintain a clean succession.

    Remember that the main argument for Catholicism being the true Christian church is that they have an unbroken line back to Peter and the first century church. But, the facts tell us that any unbroken line is pure fantasy. There were many gaps where Peter's chair was empty, where a true infallible guide could not be identified. And the testimony of "infallible" popes and councils shows the Catholic church did fall into doctrinal error–even one "infallible" pope excommunicating another "infallible" pope for heresy!

    It is ludicrous to believe that Catholicism or Protestantism could represent the True Christian congregation today.

    When you examine them you find that they cannot meet even the primary evidence of true Christianity. In both world wars and current conflicts people of the same religions met on battlefields and slaughtered one another. Each side claimed that God was on their side. Today Catholics continue to kill Catholics and Protestants kill Protestants, something true Christians would not do (1Jn.3:10,15; 4:8).

    When you look at the Scriptural evidence you will find that ONLY Jehovah's Witnesses, as an organization, meet the requirements of being the True Christians today (Mt 7:16-20).



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    You should go read your Bible.

    Matthew 24 and Revelation to John 21.

    Amos 3:7 tells us this:

    For the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will not do a thing

    unless he has revealed his confidential matter to his servants the prophets.

    This clearly shows that Jehovah will have true servants here on Earth...

    and it is not Christendom.

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    As a Catholic, you are giving out wrong Information about the true teachings of the Church. For what it is worth, may I apologize to all Jehovah Witnesses for this type of question.

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    Jesus didn't go around telling people they were wrong. He helped them find the right way in gentle ways that he knew would work for them. With the Pharisees, he knew they were already so hardened in their ways that pride would prevent them from seeing any right.

    As for Jehovah's witnesses, I'm Catholic myself and I believe that the Catholic Church is the one true faith, but I believe everyone is Catholic, the very word meaning universal. Therefore, Jehovah's Witnesses are just as Catholic as you and me are. Have mercy. Posting hateful messages on Yahoo isn't going to covert anyone.

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    that is what the be conscious church(???????? ekkl?sia) skill; a amassing of electorate talked about as out from their residences into some public position, an assembly. Congregation(??? `edah) skill; amassing. So both words propose an similar aspect so neither must be faulted, we call were we congregate a Kingdom corridor because we coach about God's Kingdom(Matthew 24:14) And this good information of the dominion will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the countries; and then the top will come. (Daniel 2:40 4) “And in the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that is merely not extra to break. And the dominion itself is merely no longer surpassed on to the different individuals. it truly is going to weigh down and positioned an end to countless those kingdoms, and it itself will stand to situations indefinite; If we were talked about as as those that taught as we coach then we will be talked about as "the way". the way were the direct followers of Christ. They were talked about as that because of what Jesus suggested at(John 14:6) 6 Jesus suggested to him: “i'm the way and the truth and the existence. no individual is composed of the daddy except by me. . . Paul develop into persecuting those talked about as the way(Acts 9:2) 2 and requested him for letters to the synagogues in Damascus, in order that he would carry certain to Jerusalem any whom he got here across who belonged to the way, both men and women folk. those were followers of Christ that no longer in straightforward words were the Jews attempting to eliminate yet also those that all of us know as Roman Catholics were also persecuting and killed thousands of guys women folk and little ones in the video games on the Colosseum. John 11:24 shows that the followers of Christ did not believe in going to heaven or a burning hell they believed in a resurrection in the perfect days as do Jehovah's Witnesses(John 11:24 Martha saith unto him, i know that he shall upward thrust back in the resurrection on the perfect day.-American time-honored). all of us know all the trustworthy men of previous believed in a unmarried actual God, that is an similar God that Jesus taught and is an similar God that we the Jehovah's Witnesses coach and sanctify his large and Holy call-(Matthew 6:9) “you ought to wish, then, this kind: “‘Our Father in the heavens, enable your call be sanctified.

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    Catholicism is not the one true church. The Bible certainly doesn't say that. The vatican does. There are so many things that catholics believe, practice and don't do that are totally against the Bible. I followed catholicism for almost 30 years of my life and got saved after that. I know that the catholic church is not the "one true church." Peter was not the first pope. (this is a complete misinterpretation of scipture) and you are very misinformed. Please read the NT a little closer and you will find the truth.

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    I am just glad that God made Jesus our judge and not YOU ! Just be careful that you are not pushing Jesus out of the way by judging others and trying to take his job ! Do you wish to make yourself "King of Gods kingdom" while you are there. ?

    Now run along and play, and stop your ranting !

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    I send ALL Jehovas Wittnesses into hell.-Jesus Christ

    For greater fullness of graces and greater glory in heaven,

    Pray the Holy Rosary for world peace and for all of Gods children to pray the Holy Rosary,and here is a blessing and a loving hug from God for you all.

    Explore and discover the many gifts of APPARITIONS that God has sent to show you the way into heaven.

    The Holy Family.

    Source(s): The Holy Apostle James the Greater
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    now , now , somehow i get the impression you are not really a catholic , we are taught to defend our faith , but never to vilify others in a manner that is not charitable

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    Stop knocking and ringing my doorbell!

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