tomcat .32 acp or ruger lcp?

Looking for a good CCW and was wondering if any of these are ok choices?

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  • august
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    8 years ago
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    .32 ACP is simply not a good choice. It's marginal for self defense, and it's hard to find ammo. When you can find it, it's probably more expensive than 9mm Parabellum.

    My suggestion is a Ruger LC9 or S&W M&P Shield in 9mm Parabellum. They're compact, reasonably reliable, and more powerful than any .32 ACP or .380 ACP.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Ruger 32 Acp

  • 8 years ago

    I used to have an NAA Guardian in .32 ACP. It is an absolutely worthless cartridge. Not only is it underpowered but I couldn't even shoot a target 3 yards away without the bullets keyholing. If I absolutely had to choose between a .32 ACP and a .22 LR I'd take the .22. So I'd definitely take the .380 LCP over a .32. In fact I do. I sold my .32 and got a Ruger LCP when they came out. That being said I carry Buffalo Bore ammo in it (most powerful factory .380 available) and only carry it when I'm in shorts and T shirt and can't conceal my .40 Glock 27.

    And I don't understand why so many people don't like the LCP. It's a GREAT gun. Super reliable and incredibly accurate. The first time I shot it was at 7 yards and I was shooting for head shots on the paper target (just because someone else had already shot up the body and I didn't feel like swapping out targets). It was ridiculously easy to keep every round in the head. Not bad for a pocket pistol. In my opinion it's the best .380 currently available. A buddy of mine sold the Kel Tec he had owned for years and got an LCP after he shot mine.

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  • 8 years ago

    The .32acp is considered below the minimal caliber for self defense. .380acp is considered the minimal round for CCW and self defense, and it's basically just a little larger then the .32.

    .32 is hard to find, There are dozens of different .380's out there right now thanks to the resurgence of CCW permits and a crop of new ultra small pistols to shoot them. Taurus TCP, S&W Bodyguard, Ruger LCP, Kel Tec P3AT, Walthers, ect ect ect. All good choices except for the one I chose the Taurus TCP. I got a very good one, never failed me in 500 rounds... But they have had issues compared to the others.

    Also the new crop of 9mm's are almost as small like the Ruger LC9, if you can get that gun close to the LCP's price snatch it! 9mm is more powerful, MUCH more plentiful, MUCH cheaper, and available about everywhere. IF you shoot more then a few hundred rounds in the life of the pistol the 9mm will end up saving you money in ammo cost.

    So, the Ruger LCP if your firm on one or the other. Ruger's are a very good brand even though I have not bought any as of yet. I'm one of the ones that have had good experience from Taurus and S&W, so I swear by both of those manufacturers.

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  • akluis
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    8 years ago

    Both are good guns, the LCP fires a 380 acp which is a more potent round.

  • 8 years ago

    My wife got a Tomcat .32 in 96...she will not part with it. They are good guns. Just a shame they do not make one in 380. I would choose the 32 Tomcat over the LCP 380.

    If 380 is what you want...look at a Bersa Thunder CC. Its a little bigger than the LCP, but a much better shooter.

    If you were comparing the LCP to a TCP....I would vote for the LCP.

    edit: just in case in matters....I do not give thumbs down,

  • 5 years ago

    Neither, I'll take my Kel Tec P-32 in .32 acp. It is thin and easy to conceal, plus it is dependable and accurate. Over 500 rounds with not one problem. I can hit head or chest shot from 3 feet to 30 feet. It just works.

  • 8 years ago

    Ruger LCP

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  • 8 years ago

    Between the two, the Ruger

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