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Comment and rate my favorite baby names!?

A rate out of ten would be appreciated, but it is more important to us WHY you feel this way. So a brief comment would mean a lot to us!

Also a note, none of the names here are made up. I've been told "Ophelia is made up by you". It's not. It's a Shakespearean name. That sort of comment is not needed.









(Shorter list, I know)




Thank you!

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    Clare - 8, I like it spelled better as Claire

    Eloise - 10, I love this name!

    Ophelia - 5, I don't like the way it sounds or is spelled. I don't know why. I do know it's a name though!

    Matilda - 10, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

    Violet - 7, I like it, but then I don't because I don't care for V names.

    Isadora - 8, it's cute! But I like Isabel and Isadore better.

    Heath - 6, I like it, because of Heath Ledger, but I'm still not fond of this name all to well.

    Elliot - 8, I like it, but don't love it..

    Victor - 4, I dislike this name, because one of the people I know with this's been ruined if I think about him, but the other one I know with this name has made it seem a tiny bit better.

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    Clare - 7

    Eloise - 3 would be a lot better for a middle name.

    Ophelia - 9

    Matilda - 3

    Violet - 1

    Isadora - 9


    Heath - 1

    Elliot - 1

    Victor - 1

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    Rate out of 10-

    Clare- 9

    Eloise- 6

    Ophelia- 3

    Matilda- 1

    Violet- 9

    Heath- 1

    Elliot- 1

    Victor- 2

    Hope I helped!!! =P

    Source(s): Little old me!!! =D
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    8 years ago

    Rating from 1 to 5

    Clare (4)

    Eloise (5)

    Ophelia (3)

    Matilda (4)

    Violet (5)

    Isadora (3)

    Heath (5)

    Elliot (4)

    Victor (1)

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    8 years ago

    Clare---It's a nice name, but I prefer Clara because I find Clare as a name that's used a lot even if it's not super common. 7/10

    Eloise---This also is a very nice name! 10/10

    Ophelia---I'm sorry, I just don't like this name. It's not my style and I don't like the way it sounds =/ 3/10

    Matilda---I LOVE THIS NAME <3 10/10

    Violet----I also love this name! 10/10

    Isadora---This name is so beautiful and very unique sounding, I love it! 10/10

    Heath---7/10 it's a nice name and all, but every time I see it all I see is the world "health"

    Elliot--- 4/10 I'm not a fan reminds me of a name for a pet sort of.

    Victor--- 4/10I also don't like this name, just because I don't think it has a lot of personality in the name.


  • johna
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    Emmett Landen- 7/10! Emmett is stunning! I find it to be this type of handsome title. Landen is o.K.. I am undecided about whether or not I like it or no longer. Benjamin James 10/10! Definitely incredible! This can be a perfect combination. I love it! Bennett Charlie 7/10! If it have been Bennett Charles it would get 10/10! I am now not a massive fan of nicknames as names in their own right. Bennett is beautiful. I've it in my 4th favorite combo Joshua Bennett. Noah Cohen 8/10! Particularly exceptional! Flows well! Women: Noelle Elizabeth 10/10! Very lovely! Such grace and style. I really like it. Noelle is beautiful in the first title slot too. I mainly see it in the middle. Alice Brielle 7/10! Adorable! I love Alice rather a lot. I'm not precisely partial to Brielle but this mixture flows well. Kassidy Rose 6/10! Cassidy Rose would get 7/10! Addison Makenna three/10! I don't like either identify. Sorry. My favourites are Noelle Elizabeth & Benjamin James! :)

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