How can I get police escorts for a potentially-dangerous event?

Here's how it breaks down.

In ten months, my girlfriend turns 18. Her parents, Hindu zealots, have used her underage status to legally coerce her to their satisfaction in the name of their religion. This has involved sending her to Nepal for several months to a year for punishment if she 'gets out of hand' (which is an incredibly broad description including simply questioning orders or gaining weight,) and containing her within the house with little or no outside contact. They constantly criticize her maliciously and in front of other people, even in public, with harsh and profane terms, and laugh at her when she cries. She's expected to follow any and all orders without question under threat of severe abuse, which they sometimes follow through with, including striking her over the head with hard, heavy objects in excessive force repeatedly and beating her hard enough to leave large, deep bruises. I've seen them myself.

When she turns 18, we're planning on getting her out of there. Thing is, the best way to do it is with police nearby. I'd inquire at the police station now but I have to wait until tomorrow, so I meanwhile wanted to gather information here, including what they may or may not do for me, or under what circumstances, or what else they'll require.

Answers are appreciated, and thanks for your time.


(*sigh*) Unfortunately Kuma, we've already been there and discussed that. : / Evidence is a problem because they tend to abuse her in ways which leave no physical trace. The bruises are still tough to get out to them because her parents, again, are coercive, so any means of approach that isn't up-front and impromptu by the police themselves can give her parents time to turn on her. And the police may not agree to show up unexpectedly except in a 911 call, which isn't technically an emergency, which may incur charges against me and moreover have her put in a foster home somewhere that may not allow me to see her anymore, IF they decide the bruises even provide evidence to being beaten when the police arrive and see them. Her father, whom I've met in-person, is pretty slick with a put-on as a Good Samaritan, and her mother no doubt will support whatever act he puts on. In the end, there are too many things that can go awry trying to intervene if it isn't a full-blown

Update 2:

^ ...emergency.

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    Your local police station will most likely assist you if it is a justified cause.

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    I would let the police know that they are beating her like that, that is considered child abuse and they can be(and from the sounds of it, should be) locked up for a long time. If they beat her that horribly, they should be locked up for the rest of their lives.

    The only problem would be getting evidence, I'm sure you can think of something about that.

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