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I'm writing a skit inspired by "The Wizard of Oz" and I'm looking for three girl names in replace of Huck, Hickory, and Zeke (Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Cowardly Lion, respectively). I would prefer them to be of Parisian/French origins.

Two of them need two start with "H" and the third with the letter "Z". I would also like them to mean something that describes each character. For example, intelligent/clever for Huck/Scarecrow, loving/compassionate for Hickory/Tin Woodman, and courageous/strong for the Cowardly Lion.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks!


Also, if you have any suggestions for a name similar to Alimira Gulch, the Wicked Witch of the West, I would be most grateful to hear/read them.

And to Suzanne, forgive me if I sound rude, but my script is for a church camp. Nothing serious. So I will disagree with you in saying my idea will work. But even if I were writing a movie script, it would still work. There are many Wizard of Oz spoofs or remakes as there are for many other award winning films, musicals, books, and television shows.

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    Hadad -- Arabic, "I shall love"

    Holofernes -- English From Shakespeare's "Loves Labours Lost"

    Hanina -- Aramic, "Compassionate"

    Hanan -- Hebrew "Compassionate"

    Hananiah -- Hebrew "God's compassion"

    Hakeem -- Arabic "Intelligent"

    Hewett -- French, "Small, intelligent one"

    Haley -- English/Irish, "Ingenious, clever"

    Higgins -- Irish "Intelligent"

    Hubert -- German "Bright; intelligent"

    Huey -- English "Intelligent"

    Hugh -- English/French (disputed) "Intelligent"

    Hugi English Intelligent M

    Hugo -- Spanish "Intelligent"

    Humberto -- Spanish "Intelligent; Big; bright"

    Zuberi -- Swahili, "strong"

    Zephyr -- Greek, "strong wind"

    Zhuàng -- Chinese "strong"

    Zuberi -- East African, "strong"

    Zadok -- Hebrew, "just, righteous". Biblical: a priest who showed great courage during the reigns of the first three kings of Israel.



    Hamblin -- "tiny little home."

    Hamelet -- "little village"

    Hamelin -- "tiny little home."

    Hamlin -- "tiny little home."

    Hamnet -- "little home."

    Hamon -- "home."

    Henri -- "home-ruler."

    Hercule --"glory of Hera."

    Herluin -- "noble warrior."

    Hervé -- "battle worthy."

    Hilaire -- "joyful, happy."

    Honoré -- "honor, valor."

    Horace -- "has good eyesight."

    Hrodger -- "famous spear."

    Hubert -- "bright heart/mind/spirit."

    Hugon -- "heart," "mind," or "spirit."

    Hugues -- "heart," "mind," or "spirit."

    Hamilton -- "flat-topped hill"

    Harbin -- "little bright warrior"

    Harcourt -- "farmer"

    Hardouin -- "Name of a count"

    Harman -- "soldier"

    Harmen -- "soldier"

    Harmon -- "soldier"

    Harvey -- "eager for battle; strong and worthy"

    Hugh -- "soul, mind, intellect"

    Hackett -- "little hewer"

    Hackman -- "hewer, hackett (of wood)"

    Hamlet -- "village, home"

    Hazard -- "chance, luck"

    Helmut -- "helmet"

    Hippolyte -- "stampeding horses"

    Zacharie -- "who Jehova remembered"

    Zdenek -- "follower of St. Denys"

    Zerbino -- "legend"

    And more:

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  • Well how about fiyero and boq. These are the names used in Gregory Maguire's award winning musical.your idea has been done before and with a current oz movie in the making, it wont work out.

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    Well, if girl names Zoey, Haidley, Hannah. or Hailey, Hilary. I can't think of anymore girl names that start with Z. but those are some common girl names. (: Hope I helped! & good luck.

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    Helvetica, Hornswoggle, and Zergrush

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