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Does this sound like a sales job to you?

Please let me know if this job description sounds like a sales job to you.


As a member of the branch team, helps maintain exceptional customer service standards

while promoting and offering bank products and services, as they coincide with customer

need. Responsible for addressing and resolving a wide range of customer inquiries in an

efficient and accurate manner. Processes teller and service related transactions with accuracy,

in accordance with policies and procedures. Adheres to security measures and controls in

accordance with established standards, to minimize potential loss. Provides superior quality

customer service and a positive experience for customers.

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  • 8 years ago
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    It doesn't sound like a "Sales only," position. It sounds like a customer service job in a bank whereby you will be interfacing with customers who need your help or who have questions and issues to resolve. When the opportunity arises you may want to sell them something to help them out.

    It's like comparing a salesman to an auto mechanic. You need help with your car. He can fix it. But do you want the car fixed with the cheap $50 part or the lifetime warrantied $100 part? That's the salesman part of being a mechanic. You'll encounter this similarity in the finance and banking industries also.

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  • 8 years ago

    "promoting and offering bank products" = YES!!!!

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