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Will unmaintained nuclear weapons explode?

Longevity of unmaintained nuclear arms?

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    So far nuclear weapons have been designed with safety interlocks to prevent accidental nuclear explosions. A very precisely controlled conventional explosion is needed to create and maintain critical mass to get the explosion. Thus, so far the nations that have nuclear weapons store the triggers in 1 location and the radioactive Physics Package in another location. Unless the triggers are correctly attached to the Physics Package you cannot get a nuclear explosion.

    So, no maintenance is not a nuclear problem. The conventional explosives may become unstable over time and explode like a regular bomb scattering radioactive material to clean up

    The radioactive material in the Physics Package would decay until there was not enough fissionable material to get an explosion.

    That leaves the fissionable material was allowed to combine and start a "fizzle" nuclear reaction like a reactor melting down. No explosion but a big puddle of very radioactive material to clean up

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    no. Nuclear weapons only explode when a smaller explosion triggers the main one, and that explosion has to be very precise in order to set off the firing mechanism located within the bomb/missile.

    Source(s): EDIT Craft, this person is asking if nothing was done to the weapons at all. Chernobyl is different to this scenario.
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    Yes it would, such as heat , if it gets to hot the Nuclear atoms will heat up and it will explode, an example of this is Chernobyl Disaster in Pripyat Ukraine (U.S.S.R at time) they wanted to do and experment involving the cooling rods, they took them out of the water seeing if they would go back down on their own when the rods got to hot but the rods never went back down into the water causing the 2nd biggest nuclear disaster in history

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