Brands for beginner inline skating?

Hi, I'm 18 and I'm learning inline skating along with my dad. We've just had a couple of lessons and we are really getting into it, so we are thinking about buying a pair of inline skates, just to go outside and practice by ourselves. We are planning to use them just for recreational purposes, outside, maybe once or twice a week. Which brand (model type maybe?) would you suggest for us in this case? We are looking for something affordable (less than $100 would be ideal) And, is there any piece of advice you would give while choosing the right skate?

Thanks in advance!

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  • 7 years ago
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    The two major brands of good recreational/fitness skates in the US are K2 and Rollerblade. Roces is known in the US for aggressive skates but is selling recreational/fitness skates by mail order via Walmart. If you go that route, check what their return policy is so that you can check the fit before you are stuck with them.

    Fit is the most important thing. They should fit snug all around your feet without pinching. Various models (even within the same company) will fit better on different foot shapes. Try on as many skates as you can.

    Models have a wide variations from just under $100 to $400 for mainstream skates and up to a couple thousand for custom molded racing skates. Here are some of the things to look for when deciding which one is for you.

    - - Wheels - - 80mm is the smallest that I recommend for recreational skating. Good replacements (better than the ones that come on the skates) are hard to find for smaller sizes.

    Larger wheels roll easier, smoother, and faster.

    Most beginners can handle 84mm and most mid level skaters can easily handle 90mm. 100mm takes more skill and can be very slow to start on (but are good for very fast top speeds).

    - - Frames - - the part that holds the wheels. Longer is better for stability and speed.

    Plastic (makers sometimes say "composite") is the bottom of the line. It flexes which sucks up some of your energy and is less stable at higher speeds.

    Stamped aluminum is the mid level - the frames are made of multiple pieces and you can see the imprint of the stamping with the outside surface mirroring the inside surface.

    Extruded aluminum is the high end. The frames are one piece and stiffer than any of the others. The surfaces are smooth from front to back except where material has been machined off the extrusion.

    - - Boots - - Fitness skates have a slightly lower cuff on the boot allows more flexibility of the ankle so that you can use a better skating stride. That allows you to skate farther and faster.

    - - Bearings - - Ignore any hype about ABEC numbers. They make good advertising copy but have nothing to do with qualities for inline skating, unless you plan on speeds over 200 mph.

    - - Lessons - - Check online for local clubs or instructors. It really helps to have someone who knows how to teach, show you some of the details that are not obvious. After 5 years of skating, I was asked to assist an instructor teach beginner lessons. We met an hour early so I could learn the teaching methods and was amazed at how little I knew about a good basic stride and various beginner turns and stops.

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    Personally, I would really recommend getting Rollerblade brand blades. I've found that they are great quality, and last FOREVER. I just got a new pair and the pair before that I used for years and they're still in pretty good shape. I also find the boot is a little more comfortable and has a better fit. (This also all depends on the model itself). K2 is pretty popular too. You could also try Bladerunner. They tend to be a little cheaper but I personally don't think their boots are that comfortable. Those are really the three front runners when it comes to inline. Really, as long as you get a pair that fits you well and you fit comfortable in you really should be good to go! I would go to a sports store and try a bunch on and see what you like and then if the price is good buy them there or look online.

    Inline is tons of fun! Enjoy!

    Source(s): Long distance skater
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