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Grand Canyon Airplane Tours?

Group of us will be in Las Vegas 8/5 for a week. Gaming's not our thing so I'm thinking an airplane tour to the canyon would be an awesome way to spend a day. Just not sure which trip would give us the best experience. Anyone done these flights? Are they pricey?

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    Grand Canyon airplane tours are a great way to explore the National Park. To make sure you find the flight that best meets your needs, read on...

    Airlane tours from Las Vegas go to the West Rim and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

    The West Rim is just 120 miles away and takes 20 minutes by air. The South RIm is 277 miles from LV and is an appx. 45 min. flight.

    West Rim flights include air and landing. Air tours are great if you want to sample the rim. Landing tours, which include helicopter rides to the bottom, boat trips on the Colorado River, and VIP passes to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, give you a more comprehensive look.

    South Rim flights are popular because they are the fastest way to get from LV to this particular rim, which, according to many experts, is the "official" rim. Side trips include bus tours inside the Nat'l Park and helicopter rides across the gorge (intense!).

    Which rim? Really depends on your needs. General rule of thumb, however, is go to the West Rim for thrills and adventure and the South Rim for natural scenic beauty.

    As you research your trip, bookmark these links:

    Las Vegas Grand Canyon Flights

    South Rim Flights

    Airplane Tour Deals

    That should get you started in the right direction.

    Have a GREAT trip!

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    Well seeing that you requested....I might say none of the above. My propose is to rent a automobile and force to the Grand Canyon country wide Park. Spend just a few days there. Hike a number of the trails, revel in dawn and set over the canyon, maybe take a mule trip down into the canyon, stay in probably the most ancient accommodations. Its rough to fairly enjoy the Canyon on a day go back and forth from Vegas. The West Rim is all part of an Indian Reservation and is a gigantic vacationer trap. The first-class views are inside the countrywide Park. Helicopters and airplanes should not allowed in the countrywide Park..

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    8 years ago'll be out for MY Birthday!

    I KNOW that's what the trip's all about, right?

    Seriously, though, contact me by clicking my picture/avatar here...and I'll send you some links that give you ALL the airline, helicopter, bus tours options...of ALL the companies.

    That way you aren't just given coupons to one company or one website's get them ALL...and YOU can choose whick is best, based on time, price, method of travel, etc.

    LOL, there are also tours that will take you by way of your own private limo, SUV-Limo or Party Bus...(smiling)...YES, 'we' know ALL the stuff most people don't know exist as options, too!

    Happy to help...hope you reach out!

    We have a website, but we also have many other links and specials we haven't made public (ssshhh, LOL).

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    Very pricey but better than spending half the day going to and from Canyon

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    Never done one of the airline tours, and yes they can be expensive.

    You can get the coupon book 24/7 Vegas at many malls and casions and they have coupons in them.

    Check out pages: 53. 57 and 75 for some ideas of the tour prices.

    Senic Air is one of the places that fly this route, check out their site at:

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