My 13 month old has lost some weight?

I took my daughter in for her 1 year check today and she's lost about 1/2 a lb. I was expecting it because right after her last appointment at 10 months she started walking and has been ridiculously active ever since, she literally spends all day running around and she's thinned out quite a bit in her tummy since she's been walking. She eats quite a bit, she will eat a big breakfast, snack through the day and eat dinner, and she also nurses through the day as well, usually twice in the morning, 2-4 times through the day and twice at night before bed and then sleeps through the night. Her doctor would not listen to me trying to explain to her that she is happy and healthy and thriving she was freaking out about the fact that she lost some weight and ordered all this extra blood work and wants me to bring her back in a month for a weight check. Why isn't she listening to me when I try to explain that she eats ALL the time and runs around ALL day long, why is she automatically jumping to the conclusion that I'm not feeding her right or something is wrong?

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    Your doctor is doing her job. While it's common for weight gain to plateau or slow down around this time, weight LOSS in a baby, even an active baby, isn't typical, and CAN be a red flag for trouble.

    Now .. different doctors will respond differently to this and her insistance on lots of tests (assuming that baby had been gaining well up until now) may be a bit extreme, it's not 'wrong.' If there IS a problem, better to find it so it can be treated. Rushing to do lots of blood work (what did she order?) may be overkill .. a weight check in a month or two sounds reasonable.

    She might also have talked to you about her eating habits, not just how much she is eating, but WHAT she is eating. When she nurses is she having good long nursing sessions, or brief snacks between playing? If the latter, she might be getting too little fat, but filling up on foremilk. And what kind of solids does she eat? High fat, high calorie foods? Or mostly fruits and veggies?

    And really, a child who eats all day and STILL loses weight *might* have an underlying health problem that does need to be addressed.

    When it comes to our kids especially it can be hard to be assertive with the doctor, but if she wants to put your daughter through lots of tests, I would insist on sitting down again and talking about what she thinks might be wrong, and about other things to do first. (Again, another weight check, maybe some changes in her diet.)

    EDIT: (edited to fix my inconsistant gender usage ... your doctor is female.) Also to add -- when you posted this question in another catagory, somebody responded with discussion of how her baby has always been small, and doctor gave her a hard time because doctors are used to seeing 'fat formula fed babies.' The issue here isn't so much whether baby is big or small -- healthy babies do come in all sizes -- but that baby has lost a pretty significant amount of weight. My daughter was always small as a baby and young child.She typically hovered around the 3rd percentile, sometimes dipping below he bottom of the charts, sometimes creeping up to the 5th or 10th. Her weight gain was sometimes very slow, (IIRC, she gained only about 8 ounces between 9-12 months), but she always gained SOMETHING, and always made up for a very slow gain at one check-up with a very large one at the next. Her doctor was not unduly concerned, I was small as a child, and she was obviously healthy, but he did keep a close eye on her weight gain. Daughter is now 20 years old, still short for her age (just over 5 ft.) and slim .. and healthy but for some mild asthma.

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    A half a pound? There's easily a chance that their scale is off by at least half a pound. If she's happy, is meeting new milestones and hasn't lost any skills there is no concern.

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